Friday, April 1, 2011

I hardly ever blog Tattoos.

OK I agree it is a lousy title, but I had to come up with something and looking at the stuff I found today it just popped into my head: I never blog tattoos.
But today is an exception.
Let me first start with the GREAT gift you can fins at Aster Builds. They are participating in several hunts and I got these 2 lovely dresses from the ir mini hunt. Find the red rotating cubes, there are many, you have to find the right one.

And talking about hunts: The Fashion Academy hunt started and I couldn;t resist to go to a few shops and see if I could find their gifts. I got this one at Spirit Store. Find the small box with the ruby in it.

This one I found at LP design, also the FA hunt.

Wicked Tattoo and clothes is also participating in this hunt. But they also have loads of freebies (YES TATTOOS TOO) in their store. And lucky boards.

Item from the FA hunt.

Last one I found in this hunt was Acide. They give away bracelets in one hunt and gloves in another (see pic).

This lovely top by Amber design is their gift in the TEB hunt.

And Grumble is participating in a lot of hunts too. Look at the signs at the entrance and you will know what you have to find. They also have several lucky chairs (blogged before, but I couldn't resist sitting on thme this time too). The necklace, bracelet and earrings are form the Why so blue hunt.


The next shop I went to was Pixeldolls. I haven't been there in a long time, and to my surprise I found a lovely dress for free, but also a skirt and many many amazing, thanks Pixeldolls. Find the boxes on the floor under the vendors.


This lovely spring dress is by Cool and it is a free gift in their store.

Pixme has these lovely tops in their store as a free gift. Look for the shoping bag on the floor.

At Tokyo Girl is a hunt called Kiyomizu soring hunt. You have to find a naughty cat which hides everywhere. But if you do find them you get these lovely gifts.
There is also a table with several freebies to find. And this was my last store for today.

Happy shopping ladies !

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