Monday, November 30, 2015

Enticed to get these outfits or this free jewelry?

Hello Readers!
Today on my blog more great offers by Entice. They have some great offers at their store and I am sure I can entice you to teleport over and get at least one of these great outfits!
Let me start with the one that caught my eye: the lovely Amazing dress. This dress comes in 8 colours and each one is just 60 L$. You can find all of them at Entice.
The skin I am wearing is a new release by WoW skins and it is called Selia darktan cl. This skin is from their new 2016 collection and comes in 6 great skin tones. NOT free though.
The fun hair is Maiko by Truth hair (also NOT free, but they have a 60 L$ sale going on in their back room).
The lovely jewelry set is by RealEvil Industries and it is a gift on Marketplace (totally free). The set comes with a HUD which changes the colour of the metal and the gems into 3 tones.
Over to another fun dress which you can find at Entice is Careless Whisper dress. it comes in 2 packs:
- Pack 1 - Black, Black & White Design, Blue, Pink, White Zebra
- Pack 2 - Black Snake, Blue Design, Jungle, Wild Cat, Red & Blue, Tropical
Each of these packs is 300 L$ or you can buy the dress you like best for 60 L$.
I am wearing the In the Jungle heels with this dress, and they are 60 L$ too. You will have to own Maitreya or Slink to wear these shoes. A fat pack with all colours is 300 L$.
And these Blank Space dresses and heels by Entice are to die for too! The dresses come in 7 colours and there are matching Blank Space shoes also in 7 colours of course. The shoes are for Maitreya or Slink feet. Each item is 60 L$ but you can buy the fat packs too!
I just love this Causing a Commotion outfit. It comes in the most beautiful bright colours, but as I chose Fall colours on my blog today I went for the red tone. This outfit by Entice comes with the Bell bottom jeans and a lovely halter top and a beautiful neck jewel. Each one is 60 L$.
With these outfits I am wearing these great In the Jungle wedges by Entice. They are for Slink and Maitreya feet and they are 60 L$ each. Show your WILD side ladies!
My last find for today is this delicate Love Song dress in a very pale baby blue. It is just a perfect dress for all upcoming dances and parties. And guess what? This dress is on the Midnight Mania boards at Entice, so you only need to come click and get your friends to click too to get this dress for free!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

I just love SHOES

Good morning Readers!
On this lovely Sunday I want to show you some really great shoes, booties and other offers.
Did you all survive Black Friday? Well I joined a new group: KC Couture. This group was free to join on Black Friday but the enrollment fee is back to 75 L$ again. However they have some AWESOME group gifts and I think it is totally worth to pay those 75 L$.
The lovely skin I am wearing is Selia darktan cleavage by WoW skins. This skin is a new release from their new 2016 skin line and it comes in 6 lovely skin tones. You can see ALL skin tones HERE.
And the fun red hair is Maiko by Truth hair (NOT free).
The elegant jewelry set is by Finesmith and it is their April group gift. This gift is still available. Joining the Finesmith group is FREE.
Let me show you which group gifts by KC Couture are available for group members:
First this lovely dress with colour change HUD.
The shoes are for all types of MESH avatar feet, and most of them come with a colour change HUD to change the whole shoe or parts of the shoe into many colours. There are gifts for High feet, medium feet and flat feet.
KC Couture also has a mini mania board for which you do not need a group. On this board is a 50 L$ gift certificate and I got these lovely Mina shoes with that certificate. These elegant shoes regular price is 99 L$ including a colour change HUD, I paid just 49 L$ for them due to the 50 L$ certificate.
Now if you want great shoes for free, join the Like Design group. Joining is free and they have 2 group Midnight Mania boards, and 6 lucky boards mainly with shoes. The 2 pairs below are from the Lucky boards at Like Design.
Then I went to Entice and they have these crazy 60 L$ offers which I could not resist. I just love this Suburban War outfit. You get the complete package: shirt. jacket, shorts tights, glasses, scarf and high boots for 60 L$ per colour or 300 L$ for the fat pack of all colours!
These short boots which are called Suburban War ankle boots are also 60 L$ per pair and the fat pack is 300 L$. You can find them at Entice.

Saturday, November 28, 2015 more hair...

Morning readers,
Let me tell you what you can find on my blog
Ah well I found some awesome hair. Yesterday I already told you about the sale at Zalea hair. And I also went to Rebel Gal and Bold & Beauty. Their group is free to join and they have some AWESOME group gifts. You can see all of them below.
There are 2 lovely hair styles as group gifts and you get huge fat packs of both.
These lovely tops and the fun colour change heart necklaces are also gifts at Rebel Gal and Bold & Beauty. The fun hair I am wearing with these tops is by Pink Hustler and you get a fat pack if you join their subscribo (free).
Back to the Zalea Sale. They have many hair styles marked down to 10 L$ per hair tone (the fat packs are 10 L$ per hair tone inside the pack), also Slink nail sets for 10 L$ each, lovely Slink MID shoes for 10 L$ per colour, and a beautiful Ara dress which I blogged yesterday. This  sale is running till Sunday 29th of November, so you have a few days left to teleport to the Zalea store and grab those awesome sale items which are only 10 L$ each!
I am just showing you the rest of the lovely hairs that are now just 10 L$ per hair tone. Just showing you a few of the available hair tones.