Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mimi's Choice and what to do on a rainy day...

Mimi's choice is a big store where a lot of designers are showing their stuff. But the best thing is: they put out a lot of freebies too! Just walk around the store and find them, easy to spot (usually in a box on the floor).
This is what I found there.
All are free except the pearl jewelry by Tres Beau, that costs you 1 L$.

Now what to do on a rainy day? Why not try to find the items from the Rainy day hunt :)
You have to find a blue waterdroplet.
This lovely blue gown is the Rainy day hunt gift at Felicias Fashion.

If you hop over to GN design you will get this lovely afternoon dress with the umbrella, shoes, hat
 and the necklace.

Another lovely dress is put up as a gift by Naughty Naughty. I love the soft pink color. Comes with the hair

Inga Wind always has the most elegant designs at her store and for the Rainy day hunt she put this lovely dress in the water droplet. Comes with the shoes.

Sassy has this lovely teal dress for you....IF you find the drop in the store :)
This elegant dress is by Condemned design. Oh I love dresses....but there were more very nice gifts in this hunt !

Fierce Design has something special. With this lovely summer dress you get a bunny and an easter basket with eggs :)

I am wearing the basket from the Fierce Design gift with the gift I got from IN design.

Over to the more sexy gifts :)
Sexy Swagger does its name right and gives you this very sexy outfit...but you have to find the water drop first...

And Outrage has this cute mini skirt with 2 tops hidden in the water drop..

OK that was not so sexy...but still a cute outfit. Let me see what else I got?
Oh yes...this black and white dress comes with bermudas too. It is the gift by Shiki.

The last one in this hunt (for me...there are many other presents to be found...I only got a few) is by Larnia Couture.

Then I got thsi GREAT outfit WITH very sexy boots in the FabFree group. It is a present from Pink Label. Join the FabFree group and check notes and don;t forget to go over to the Pink Label shop !

Musa has 3 lucky chairs and a subscribo gift (also make up). I was lucky and got one from the Lucky board, the other is the subscribo gift.

This lovely dress is a freebie at their store at Rue d'Antibes.
The shop is calles Lisa L. Rue d'Antibes has an easter hunt going on. Find the easter egg in the shop and you will also get the other dress :)

I couldn;t resist and went over to a few shops to find the eggs...
This is what I got from Ali Couture.

And this lovely outfit is in the easter egg at Nite N Day.

The last one for today I found in the easter eggs at WAP (the pants) and at A space for dreams (the tops)

So a lot for you to find ladies...HAPPY SHOPPING !

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