Saturday, January 31, 2015

Free from head to hem

Morning Readers,
I want to start my blog today with an apology to one of my friends. One of my friends took me to the store I am going to blog today, but sorry sorry sorry...I can't remember who it was....still I want to thank you so much! We both thought the Bomber Jacket was gone but NO it was still there, keep reading how I found it!
OK so one of my friends took me to IAF and she told me they had this cute group gift, a bomber jacket for ladies. We could not find it...and she left. But just after she left I found a bag with 20+ freebies on the counter...and inside, later on, I found the bomber jacket too. Curious? Well here it is below.
I am wearing a brand new released skin by WoW skins today, and guess what: it is named after me: Foxy :)
Foxy is available on the Hipster Fair which starts on February 1st and which runs till February 15th. I am wearing the darktan version, make up #5.
The lovely hair is Cecelia and it is by Tameless. I am wearing the natural pack, but there is also a fantasy pack and a fades pack available. Each pack comes with a colour change HUD which changes the colour of the hair into 30 tones. 249 L$ per colour pack and 499 L$ for all 3 packs.
Today on my blog you will see ALL the gifts by IAF. Most of them are in ONE bag, called 20+ freebies, just the sexy short jeans skirt was a group gift (joining their group is free). And all of these outfits come with many appliers. And I mean truly MANY.
This is the jeans skirt I was talking about above: (the geek top is inside the 20+ freebies box - no group needed).
And ALL below is in the huge gift bag (If not I will put it above the picture).
The lovely hip scarf and head scarf are gifts, the tee shirt is Milou by Sascha's Designs. Milou comes in packs of 3 shirts for 199 L$, several colour packs are available.
And if you are wondering about the hair: You already have this hair inside your inventory. Is is called Asymetric Bob and you can find it in your library. It actually comes in blond, but I changed the colour in edit-> texture-> colour.
The next dresses are called Love dresses and there are 3 different colours as a gift. The croc clutch is also a gift. So is the Mickey neck tattoo.
Then I found this awesome split skirt in black and white inside the bag and also the lovely short mesh puffed sleeve jackets in 3 colours. The white shirt and the bow necklace are NOT included. The necklace is by Fairy Tail and it is very old. However there is a similar one on Marketplace for 1 L$. And the shirt is no longer available, but Addams has a lovely cropped shirt including a colour change hud for FREE on Marketplace.
And these 2 sexy lingerie sets are also gifts.
Next I am wearing brown ripped jeans and a sexy bow shirt. And the same jeans with a boyfriend checkered shirt.
This fun dress is also a gift.
And my last find inside the gift bag is a lovely split skirt and a sexy short top in black.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Sexy lingerie and sexy skins

Hi Readers!
Today on my blog sexy stuff...lingerie and skins. Some are gifts from the Hunt for your inner Slut, which runs till February 15th. You can find a HINT & LINK page here which is helpful if you get stuck. There are #69 stores to search and one bonus store. And you are looking for a golden cock, and I do NOT mean a rooster.
But first I want to show you the newest group gifts by Jumo. Their group is free to join and I found 3 awesome gifts there. First of all this Nathaly skin and shape. I am wearing freckle layers by Glamorize with ALL of my skins, keep that in mind! The freckle layers are 5 L$ on Marketplace and I bought them a long time ago but never found better ones.
And these elegant clutches, which come in 6 colours, are also a group gift by Jumo.
The last group gift by Jumo are these awesome diamond shoes for SLINK HIGH feet. They are just too cute to miss!
I teased you all a few days ago with the fun little Giraffe my friend Hannah gave me and which made me smile so much. Well Hannah opened a new store, called VersaTile. In this store the most lovely soft toned decorations for your home are sold. I loved the store so much that I took a lot of pictures there, while I was wearing the sexy shoes above.
Then I went back hunting for that golden cock. I found another great skin, this one was hidden inside the hunt item at #1 L'Anguisette. The skin is called Autumn skin Bare and it is yours if you can find that hunt item too.
This next very sexy lingerie set is hidden inside the hunt cock at #20 Awaer. If you can find this hunt item too, you will get the sexy black lace lingerie set including the SLINK HIGH shoes. the PASTIES are not included.
I am wearing this sexy set trying out the poses by #26 I pitime. These poses are sooo great ladies, and all you have to do to get them is go hunting.
Next I landed at #10 B!asta. They have another very sexy outfit for you if you find their hunt item. Great to satisfy your inner slut!
And #68 Que Bella also has some really satisfying lingerie for you as a hunt gift. Most hunt items are not that hard to find and the hints are very helpful. So give it a try ladies. Pasties are NOT included.
Then I landed at #52 FacePalms to find out that they have sexy lingerie as a hunt gift too! Ohhh decision decisions, how can I chose what to wear if I feel slutty? Take a look at the backside of this outfit!
My next stop was at #67 Freekz. find that golden cock and this sexy pink little thing is yours to seduce and satisfy that slutty feeling.
I love that 50th style of this next lingerie set. It has the smell of old corsets and my grandmas closet...and iot feels so sexy to wear it. This skin toned lingerie is the hunt gift at #6 Knockers and it is yours if you find the cock at their store. Stockings are included.
My last find for today ...wellll.....if you can't find ANYTHING to wear in your closet anymore, go hunting for this outfit ladies. If you can locate the hunt cock at #69 Mo Designs this barrel is yours.