Wednesday, December 7, 2022

My last blog post

 Dear Readers!
If you are a regular visitor of my blog you will know already that I had major health problems the last year (and since 2014).
Sadly those problems turned out to be very bad ones, for which there is no cure.
My time is running out.

So I am closing my blog and  my Second Life account (Roodvosje Rosse).
And also my Flickr and Facebook account.

I want to thank you all, my readers for all your support, the designers who made it possible to run this blog for so long, the ones that became my close friends here, even the ones that thought my blog was crap :)
I valued your friendship, your questions and remarks and especially the sweet *Thank you* messages, and the nice comments on my blog.
And thank you for all the support I got from you during my fight with cancer.

With pain in my heart I am sending you all a huge HUG and I wish you all the best in Second life and real life too.

Roodvosje Rosse