Sunday, April 3, 2011

Skins. OK MORE skins. OK LOTS of skins. And make up. And shoes. And hair. And a few nice clothes.

Somehow a lot of skins found their way into my inventory and if you are in need of a nice skin...take your pick :)
The first one I got is by Heartsick. They have 2 lovely skins in their lucky boards :) YAY I got one :) (comes in 2 skintones and 2 cleavages)

The next lovely skin is from Marketplace and it is by Heaven skins. The skin is called Alice.

EOS (Edge of Sanity) has also free skins on their MM board and they come with lots of make up options. They also have cleavage options.

The next skins are a bit different, the first one is by Garage and it is a bit gothic. The second one is called Rock chick. No need to explain, the fun thing is when she SMILES...wait and see :)

OK another one that is quite special is by Curious Kitties. The skin tone varies from very dark to very light.

The next set of skins is by LibErhated. Lovely make up and YES FRECKLES !!!

And this skin is by Rockberry. I got it from their lucky board, there are 4 in the store and also a lucky chair.

I also got skins from the FA hunt and I found them here. The shop is called Perdition.

Next skins are by Essences and I found them on Marketplace. The set of skins is called Nina and comes with several hairbases.
The other skinis called Layla.

The next skin is called Anna and it is by MS. It is a skin fair skin and will cost you 1 l$.

The skins below are all from the lucky boards at Mother Goose. I got quite a lot even though I was just standing there for about 15 minutes.


Last skin is by BC skins and shapes. It is a group gift and you get it with a set of clothes.

The next items are make up. You can wear them with your regular skin. The first set is by Alaskametro and is called Beauty make up.

The next sets are by one of my fav shops Elegant Epiffany. The smudged make up is a group gift from last month and the lipstick in soooooo many colors is the group gift for april. The eye make up is a gift from their MM board. Thanks Bubble !

If you have a skin and make up...what else do you need? AHHH HAIR !!!
This lovely blond hair is from the FA hunt.

The next hair is hair from a MM board by A&A. WOW sooo long.

Over to the clothes. This is going to be a HUGHE blog today ladies.
The bikini I am wearing with the A&A hair is by Love soul, from their lucky chair.

The first dress is the april group gift by Baiastice. Check group notes.

The next dress is by Dressed by Lexi. WOW what a lovely dress :) Perfect to go shopping or have tea with your friends.

The outfit by Ambrosia is so cute. You can wear it while working in the garden or when you go grocery shopping. Or just when you are relaxing :)

I am wearing the capris from Ambrosia with the vest that is a gift by Saschas design in the Wild man hunt. Thanks Sascha :) You are looking for a big blue W. Hint: find the blue male shirt and zoom in.

And the last things to blog are shoes by BabyMonkey. The first shoes are from their MM board. The hughe fatpack is from theri eater egg hunt. You have to find 10 easter eggs and in each one is a pair of shoes in a diffrent color. Thank you so much Pixieplumb !

Happy shopping ladies :)

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