Friday, April 15, 2011

Shoes...ok I am shoe crazy....

I am not only shoe crazy in RL, I am also shoe crazy in SL. So today I will show you some shoes (but also clothes and no worries if you do not like shoes)
The first pair of shoes is a group gift by L3S shoes. They also have 2 more group gifts next to this one.

The next shoes I found in the M&M hunt. You have to find a pink flower in the shop. This pair is by Azoury.

The next pair is also found in the M&M hunt and it is a gift by My Pretty Pixels.The shoes come with a hud and you can change the color of the flowers and the metal parts with the hud. And ofcourse the skin too.

Another pair of shioes in this hunt can be found in the store of Flax Pye.

Then Wetherby has GREAT shoes. They are not free, 20 L$ per pair, but hey...sculpted shoes...and so MANY of is worth to take a look !
Especially because you get a free dress or gown at Wetherby almost every day !

Sole Sisters has been one of my fav shoe shops from the beginning of my SL life. They have dollarbies in every range of their shoes.

Ofcourse I cannot skip BabyMonkey. I have blogged them many times...and the shoes Miss Pixieplumb makes are simply GREAT. There is a lucky chair in the shop, group gifts and 2 MM boards.

On Marketplace I found the next shoes....oh yes...more to come.
These sneakers are by COW and they are free.

I found some more sneakers and they are color change, you can adjust the laces or the symbol too.
They are by Darkstar.

These boots are by DUH and they are in dark blue. You have to pay 1 L$ to get them.

Another dollarbie are these fur boots which reminded me of my newbie days. They are by Titus Yoshikawa, the red worker boots are also 1 L$ and are from the same designer.

These green Laura booties are free. And very cute if you ask me :) The shop is Arena.

Last pair of shoes are these pink shoes by Perisu. They also will set you back 1 L$.

Over to the cothes I found today.
IZM has 3 lucky boards, one with a very cute bunny skin, the next one I have blogged before, a purple hoody is in the chair and the last one contains this lovely top.

Another lovely jacket I got at the lucky chair at Zenith. And YAY I found the M&M hunt pink flower at Zenith too and it was another spring top :)

I wanted to find some more cute stuff from the M&M hunt. They have really nice stores in the hunt and the stores are very generous. Find the pink flower ladies. This is what you get when you find it at Sassy :) And I found the TEBH item there too !

This outfit is a freebie from R&R. You will find the box at the landing point. I styles it with the dollarbie boots by Sole Sisters and a dollarbie bag, also by Sole Sisters.

Creative has these 2 gifts in their MM boards. On the floor you will also find lots of freebies and dollarbies (I have blogged them before, but the MM items are new)

From A&A I got 2 lovely hairstyles from their MM boards. They have a MM board at the main store and don't forget to vote and get the voting present too !

This skin I got from the M&M hunt at Miss Roux Skins and shapes. Find the pink flower to get it.

And the last thing for today is the lovely make up from the Lucky board at Musa. They have 3 lucky chairs with different make-up and a subscribo gift (also make-up) in their store.

Happy shopping ladies :)

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