Thursday, April 7, 2011


Just a few bits and bobs from all over SL.

Let me start with Wetherby. I haven't blogged them in a long time, but you get a FREE dress almost every day. And on wednesday it is doubble dip ! Thank you so much Alejandra!
This dress is the wednesday gift, and the make up too. Tomorrow there will be something different so you have to be fast :)
Shoes are by Babymonkey (blogged before)

This dolly dress I got from the SIM where the NSA (No strings attached) hunt starts, the Dolly Mall. They have many MM boards and this is what I got:

From the NSA hunt I also got this lovely dolly dress with key. It is by Sakura Originals. You have to find a white dolly box.

Another dolly dress is by Bad Juju. It comes with hair, necklace and glasses and shoes.

The next dress is by Magic Burst. It is also part of the NSA hunt.

Last one from this hunt is a dress by Squeek. Very zesy with the top wrapped around your boobs.

OK over to another hunt, the Mix and match hunt. You have to find a pink flower and at American Bazaar you get this lovely top when you find it, and the tattoos called FLY are from the same hunt at PHRESH.

Another top is by Just me. You have to find the pink flower from the M&M hunt before you can wear it.

And yet another top can be found at MUKA. Also participating in the M&M hunt.

Bubblefish gives you this sexy bikini as a gift in the M&M hunt.

The next dress is a dollarbie at the Starlust Sim. I also found these great shoes by KKBB there for free.

Another gift at the Starlust sim are these wrap shoes by The vinyl cafe.

The Vinyl Cafe also has this great dress as a group gift at their store.
DV8 has a lucky chair at their store and if your letter comes up you will get this lovely pair of boots !

And at their Dominion shop the Vinyl Cafe has this great dollarbie (1 L$)

Beautiful dirty rich has this very sexy black long hair on their MM board. They also have a very cute outfit on the MM board. The boots come with the clothes.

BDR is also participating in the M&M hunt (find the pink flower). You get so many options to wear it. Outfit is called Spring Break.

Happy shopping ladies :)

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