Monday, April 11, 2011

Do I really need a title???

Actually I couldn't think of any title for the blog today. It is mainly clothes, ONE clutch and soem jewelry. And do you have any idea how hard it is to think up a catching title every day? That is why I asked: do we NEED a title today?

I can hear you sigh and I even can hear you think: come on, put the clothes on the blog and stop whining...
Ok ok...lemme start with some gowns.

The first ones are by SD wears. They have this lovely blue gown on their MM board and the other one is a subscribo gift.

The second one is a freebie called Liberty Gown and it is sooo lovely. There is also a free tux available in the store. The store is called SF design.

The next items are all from the FSP hunt. You have to find an easter egg in the stores, with each egg you get the LM to the next store, but you can also use the TP boards in the store or the links on my blog to visit specific stores of your choice. Good luck ladies :)

This lovely gown in light blue is by Paris Metro.

The next gown is by Lady Mor and you also get this GREAT necklace with the gown. WOW.

More jewelry is by J and W jewels. It is a lovely set in white and blue, earrings and a necklace. So well made, I love it.

This pants set is actually a guys present from Gizza, but don't hear me complain, it looks great on me too!

Another pants set is by 69 Parc Avenue. It comes with a cute red top :)

The last pants set I found comes with great boots. And sunglasses. I feel very incognito wearing this :) NO autographs guys.... It is by The Gentry.

More boots are given away by DiVicious. You get 2 different pairs, black and red and red and black.

This lovely blue dress is by Dafne, also in the FSP hunt.

And this one is by Entre Mares.
Love the belt with the dress :)

This sexy outfit, top and pants is by Estravaganza. Hmm I feel sexy wearing this...

There is more sexy stuff to find, what about this gold dress by Gold in the night.

Even more sexy is the red lingerie by Fellini. WOW how sexy is that? You do not want to leave the bedroom wearing this. Or better: HE does not want you to leave the bedroom wearing this :)

This bunny outfit by Danielle won't keep you very warm.....but it looks GREAT.

Then again THIS bunny outfit will keep you warm and also will make y ou look very funny :) I kept smiling when I put it on. It is by SF design.

The last item from the FSP hunt is by Indira Originals and it is a lovely clutch to wear with your outfits.

Bubblez has some new outfits in their lucky boards so hop over and have a look :)

And Grumble (yes the store with the store cards in their MM boards) also had a secret gift in their main MM board. Inside were these outfits below. So if there is a secret gift again, don;t forget to click it :)

Happy shopping ladies !!!

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