Friday, January 31, 2014

Ready for some more Allure??

Hi Readers, here is the rest of what I found at Allure....They are all group gifts and joining the Allure group is free.
Just one shop to visit....enjoy reading!
Allure Bandit denim jeans. Including jeans and black bikini
Allure Daisy denim shorts. Including white bikini, white tank top and red shorts.
Allure Daisy tank. Including ripped capri jeans and tank top.
Allure Rebel denim ripped jeans. Included bikini top and shorts and jeans.
Allure Siren Catsuit. Included Wetsuit, black bikini.
Allure Leather jacket. Included leather jacket and jeans. The lovely jewellery is by Lazuri, their Tres Chic set (NOT free).
Allure Ladies long sleeve shirt. Included bikini and shirt. The jewellery is part of the Kaya 2 set by Lazuri. (NOT free)
Allure Marylin mini dress.
Allure Mystique ankle boots and swim suit.
Allure Stink pretty Countess wrapped top. Included bikini and yellow wrapped top.
Allure Vintage zipper dress. Included dress and bikini.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Designer Circvle and Allure

Hi there Readers, how are you all today? Having a coffee and enjoying my blog? Well today you will see some more Designer Circle on my blog. This 72nd round of the Designer Circle runs till February 8th. At the Designer Circle nothing is over 100 L$ and some great SL designers offer one or more of their designs there. A great way to fill your inventory with great designs for a low price!
Today I grabbed this lovely dress by Amarelo Manga at the Designer Circle. The dress is called Joyce and there are some awesome Joyce shoes available too! But that is not all: there is even a Joyce handbag available at the Designer Circle. Each item is 100 L$.
The next very sexy baby dolls are also on offer at the Designer Circle. They are by 1 Hundred and they come in 6 lovely colours. 95 L$ to look this sexy is a bargain ladies!!
Now...over to Allure. I just by accident landed there and I found out they have a TON of great group gifts. Actually they have so many that I will show you part of them today and the rest tomorrow! I am doing that partly because on Thursday I will be away and otherwise there would not be a blog. But the main reason is that they just have sooo many group gifts. Joining the group is free and you have to look for the items on the floor in front of the vendors. Wear your group tag, click them and you will have a whole4 wardrobe in no time!
All at Allure ladies!
Allure Devious ankle boots. All shown is inside the group gift, including the booties.
The JEWELLERY is NOT included. That is the Kaya 2 set by Lazuri and it is NOT free. The set is colour change as you can see on the Allure pictures.
Allure Devious panel corset. Striped corset, leather pants, leather corset, thong and boots are included.
Allure Bandit Denim jeans. Bikini top and jeans included.
Allure open back mini dress. Silver dress and red bikini included.
Allure Devine open back plunge dress.