Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Can't think up another name than MIX...MIX...MIX..

Today I am going to start with HAIR and this is hair from one of my fav shops, A&A. You have seen it before on my blog...I love their styles.
The first hair is a gift from the MM board in the main store.The name of the hair is Shirley and the color is fire.You can also get Shirley in mahogany on Marketplace for 1 L$.

This next hair is a new voting gift in the main store. Name: Paulina.

The next one is a group gift and you have to wear the group tag (joining is free). This is also Paulina hair, different color.

The next styles are dollarbies and can be found on Marketplace.
This one is called Minka Mahogany.

The next one is Carlotta Ash (also 1 L$ on Marketplace)

The last one is Angelica in purple, it comes with a colorable hair tie.

I got some more hair by Ritrovo, free.

At Be Happy you ge this lovely skin, shape and eyelashes as a group gift. And if you click the MM board you also get the cute green dress :) There is also a LB at the store, but I wasn;t very lucky :)

Talking about skins: Mamboo Chic has a new one on their LB. I got these 2 there.

Evol is participating in MANY hunts and I got 2 skins from the hints at their store. The one on the left is from the Back to te 50th hunt (find a record) and the one on the right is from the Happy Birthday Hunt.

I am also showing you the rest of their hunt items. This one is from the Why so Blue hunt. (find a teardrop)

And these two are from the Evil Bunny hunt. (find a red bunny)

This one is from the Hunt for the Nerdz.

The last one is from the Easter Madness hunt. (Ears, shirt or hair not included LOL) Look for a small egg.

American Bazaar is having the WHIZ HUNT at their store at the moment. Find the purple flower :) (shoes by Babymonkey, new release, see below)

This outfit is a dollarbie at Lazy Artist :)

22769 has a lovely group gift at their store. It is called Rorschach, I am wondering why? *giggles*...

These great eyelashes and green flats are from the lucky boards (and a gift in the floor) at YoRozu.


OK these next items are NOT free, but as BabyMonkey is one of my fav shoe shops...and their shoes are very affordable AND you get loads of freebies as a group member, but also in the store (MM boards and lucky chair) I just wanted to show you their new releases.

Happy shopping ladies!!!

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