Thursday, April 28, 2011

Queens day on april 30th

On april 30th we celebrate our Queen in the Netherlands. Not her birthday, it is actually her mothers birthday (our former queen). As our royalty is from the house of Oranje you can guess what color we are all wearing on the 30th.
So here is a little taste:

These cute tops are by Saschas design and the orange ones are free. There are 3, one is for guys and one I am wearing on the pic and another one, which I did't get. You can also get a free dutch flag with waving animation.

I styled the orange Tee with pants and a skirt also by Saschas design (not free). And Miss Sascha designed 2 lovely orange gowns, the Amalia and the Maxima, both to be found at the same LM (not free).

This cute dress is also orange and I got it in the Taste of the 50th hunt (find the record in the shop). The store that so generously is giving it away is StilEcht and the shoes come with the dress. The bracelets are from an older hunt.

StilEcht also has a Midnight Mania bord with A&A hair at their store and I got the lovely Lisa hair from this MM.

I love the BSC (Best Selling Creations) hunt. A lot of designers have put one of their best selling creations up for this hunt and what you get is really good quality. As we are talking about hair: Battle Angel is participating in the BSC hunt (first get on the list at the board in the store, then find the LOW sign) and when you find the LOW sign you get this very special hair.

Actually that is the only hair I found in the BSC hunt, but I haven't been to all the shops so who knows if I find more. What I did find was this elegant black dress by Amandas Fashion (also BSC hunt).

And another great black dress by Inzane creations, so sexy :).

This next creation is by Pekas and it is also a gift in the BSC hunt. It is rather dark and I would not go dancing wearing it, but I am sure it is great for role playing games.

Fashion SLC has this cute red and black dress hidden in their LOW sign. I love the roses on the top, and the little lace gloves that come with the dress. Shoes are by BabyMonkey (not free).

Another red and black outfit, but this time a lovely gown :) It is by CAE.B and it moves great when you are dancing. I love the details on the top. The bunny ears are included :)

OK enough with the outfits. I found some lovely skins too in this hunt. The first one is by Oceanes Body Boutique.

The next ones are by Chance.

And if you want MORE skins: this one is not from the BSC hunt. It is a group gift at BBC.

And this one is from one of my favorite skin designers HEARTSICK !!! And you get it if your letter comes up on their lucky board. It includes the tattoo on your belly AND the mouth open (teeth). The name of the skins is Spirit Harmony Truffles (you can also buy it at the store if your letter doesn't come up on the LB)

I just wanted to give you a sneak peek at the soon to be released skin by IREN. It is called Anna (not free).

An this last skin I got from the MM board at Silence. The skin is called Victoria.

So what do I have left in my shopping basket? Oh yes... I went to Chuculet. Chuculet is always good for some really good dollarbies. They have lovely necklaces for 1-5 L$ and bags and other accesoires. But this time I went for the freebies Chuculat has in their store for FabFree members. You get a lovely pair of sandals, a necklace, ring, earrings and bracelet set in teal and a cute bag to style your new outfits. The cute red boots are from their Jingle Bells hunt but you can still buy it (0 L$).

These necklaces are a dollarbie at Chuculet and they are color change so they will go with evey outfit you have :)

OK just because I love the items in the BSC hunt so much I will add a few more. This one is by CinFul and oh pants and no top. And I had to take a pic of how to solve this problem? Ohhh just wear the bag in which the jeans come :) Sneakers by BabyMonkey (not free). It is a new release and the sneakers come in many lovely colors.

And the last one for today is secy lingerie from Carries Lingerie. The top set is from the BSC hunt. The bottom one in dark green is from their MM board. That is it for today ladies.


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