Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Ladies today the blog will be short ... I came home with a hughe headache.
I still hope you will enjoy the freebies I found for you all. Feel free to comment.

A few days ago I blogged Arctic storm and I forgot that I had this lovely gown and the sexy lingerie in green from their MM boards. So go over to Arctic storm and click girls :)

There are quite a few hunts going on in SL, the Mix and Match hunt for example, You can find very cute clothes doing that hunt and I found this lovely dress at Divalicious and the color change (fading) necklace and bracelets at SE Design. For the Mix and Match hunt you have to find a pink flower.

Also participating in this hunt is Shush and they have also a very sexy short dressy if you find the pink flower.

Shoes to go with all your new dresses are given out as a group gift by Babymonkey.

There is a hughe hunt going on at Ivalde. You have to find coins and there are 12 of them in the store. There are hints, at the landing point click the cube and you get either pics or written hints to find the coins. And if you do find them you will have all these lovely clothes. Thanks Ivalde :)

The next outfit with wings is from the Twisted hunt and way different than the ones above. It is by Bad Juju. Find the spinning red cube.

Then I found this dress in the same style as the Bad Juju outfit at Indigo Oddities. It is part of the NSA hunt and you have to find something which looks like a white box.

The next dress is also part of the NSA hunt at Jenna Whimsey. It is a lovely patchwork dress.

OK enough for today. My head is getting worse and if RL would be as easy as SL I could just take another head. Or other hair, like this one which I found at HeartSoftens. They have a lucky board where I got it but you need a group tag (joining is free).

Happy shopping ladies.

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