Friday, November 30, 2012

Strolling along Marketplace with no budget to spend

Don't we all know that feeling of wanting something new. looking in shop windows, but knowing at the same time our wallet is empty and our credit card is maxxed out? Well I just take a stroll along Marketplace and I always come up with some great finds.
I strolled along Augusta Creations and wow...they have some great dresses for the upcoming parties! How about this elegant marroon one, called Mona? Free ladies !
Or this distinguised black and white dress with lovely flower decoration, called Giulia? Also free.
Augusta Creations also has this black & white dress for free on Marketplace. Its is called Kim.
And yet another black & white dress called Karin is also free.
Augusta Creations also has some great sexy lingerie for free. This set is called Mistery.
If you like a more formal gown maybe this elegant black gown is something for you. It is also by Augusta Creations and it is called Diamond. The jewelry is included.

DM design has this great white gown for free on Marketplace. It is called Mother Christmas, but is a lovely gown :)

And this gown is by Heavens Creations. The gown is called Lady Lian.
OK one more gown, a lovely red one by Anais called Carmen. Perfect for your Christmas party ladies! The lovely earrings are free by JCNY. And the lovely choker is by Alyssa Bijoux and it is 1 L$.
Over to something quite different: a blue Winter Faerie outfit which you can find on Marketplace for just 1 L$. There is a poofer included, shoes and also a magic wand.
But in December we also like to wear more casual things or a warm coat. How about this one by ALB? It is a wearable demo and so are the lovely boots I am wearing with this coat. The boots are by ShuShu.

ShuShu also has these great boots for free (wearable demo) and this matching elegant MESH gown (also a wearable demo). The set is called Take it Easy.
Then I found some great jeans by Blackburn on Marletplace. I styled them in a few different ways, like with this great shirt by La Vest, called Heart. It was free when I got it but it is now 55 L$. However I found a great LIPS teeshirt by La Vest which is free. The great boots are 1 L$ and they are by Bodymix, called Rosalie.
I styled the Blackburn jeans with another wearable demo jacket by Shushu.
Next I am wearing these jeans with a shirt called Mesh cut out shoulder top DJ Pepe Voom. And the great espadrilles are by DUH. The shoes are 1 L$.

Then I found this cute Hippie set by M&M. The lovely shoes are by Baby Monkey and they were send out in the group as a gift.
M&M also has this great mini dress for free at Marketplace.
Over to Roxy. They have this great set on Marketplace, jeans and warm winter jacket. Boots are included.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sascha's Design and Avatar Brazil

Today just some great finds I found in Second life. Like this lovely gown which is the December gown by Sascha's Design. It is not out YET ladies, you have to wait till December 1st...I am just giving you a sneak preview. sascha Frangilli is nominated for the AviCoice awards ladies, so if you like her designs please please VOTE here for her (and for all your other favorite designers ofcourse!).

Sascha's Design also has some great new 60 L$ offers as from FRIDAY! You can go for the sexy Regret (top & pants) or for the lovely Youp in red, a beautiful cocktail outfit.
And their new weekly gown offer (one of their great designs for half the regular price) is the lovely Cruella Cocktail in purple. You should not miss this offer ladies ! Sascha's Design ladies ! There is also a bolero included (not shown).

Sascha's Design is also participating in the POE hunt. This hunt starts on December 1st, but if you find that globe at Sascha's Design you will get this great gown !
Then my good friend Jara told me about Avatar Brazil. I went over there and WOW they have tons of free stuff at that store! Ranging from AOs for guys and gals, skins, shapes to lots of clothing. I am showing you just a few examples I got there! Most tops/skirts/dresses come in several colors.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Designer Circle, Tameless and some more hunting.

The Designer Circle started a new round and there are some goodies to grab at the store ladies. In tis Cirlce a lot of great Second Life Designers participate and they offer one or more of their great designs for 100 L$ or less.
It is a great way to fill your inventory with great design for a very low price.
You could decide to get these lovely dresses by Pink Cherry. They are called Glittering mini dress and they come in silver or gold. Both are available at the Designer Circle for just 95 L$ each.

To wear with these lovely dresses I picked up the great jewelry sets by Divinity. They offer 2 great sets at the Designer Circle. One is called Deesse Gold, the other Hoop.

Or you can wear the beautiful jewelry set by Beautycode with those dresses. They offer a lovely set in tiurquoise at the Designer Circle.
Beautycode is also offering a lovely skin called Savannah at the Designer Circle. Perfect to wear with all your lovely outfits ladies! And just 100 L$. 
The next designer at the Designer Circle is Anna Shapes and I am wearing the Savannah skin with their great shape called Tabatha.
Vincenca Rosca is also offering a GREAT new set of jewelry at the Designer Circle. What I love about their jewelry is that it is color change with a hud. So you can adjust it to all your lovely gowns or outfits! This set is called Beyond Paradise and it is just 99 L$.

Another designer participating in the Designer Circle is Eyelure. They have this lovely make-up set at the Designer Circle. You get no less than 6 great new make-ups!
Or you can go for the great tops Eyelure has on offer at the Designer Circle ladies!!!
Tameless has released a lovely new hairstyle, called Lettie. This cute frizzie hair comes in all colors and in the first week you can get a fatpack for just 795 L$ or you can get a pack of one haircolor but with 4 different tones for just 199 L$.

Tameless also released a few fun Christmas outfits. The first one it called Psycho Snowman and you can get it for just 99 L$ on Marketplace.
The next outfit by Tameless is called Evil helper and it is also available on Marketplace for 99 L$.

Viviane Fashion has brought out soem GREAT Christmas sneakers. They are just 25 L$ per pair and they are simply fun to wear!
Then I got these lovely warm grey Uggs at Intrepid. They are the gift in the Silver Lining hunt and all you have to do to get these boots is to find the hunt item at Intrepid ladies !!
I also did some more hunting in the Womenstuff hunt. You can find a hint & link page HERE, which is very useful. I got these great boots at MV boots and they are a gift in this Womenstuff hunt. All you have to do is find a red sculpted teeshirt and they are yours.
Another store which is participating in this hunt is TG Fashion. They are giving you this great outfit including the boots IF you can locate that red tesshirt at their store !
Then I went to Rosenwolf Design and I got this sexy outfit there. Hidden inside the red teeshirt ofcourse! This is also the last item for today ladies. I will be away for a few days, but my blog will still be here (I hope) when I get back. HUGS to you all.