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Today I have a few keft overs from the M&M hunt, but also a few very nice new items :)
Chop Zuey has a hunt at their store. You have to find 4 boxes (shown below) and you will get 3 pairs of earrings and one set: necklace and earrings. WOW they are amazing and the boxes aren't hard to spot ladies, so go jewelry hunting !

I also went to Paris Fashion and they have a lovely group gift at their store. This lovely dress comes with the blond hairdo. Looks a bit Hungarian don't you think? As something went wrong with my group gift the shop owner also gave me their newest release, which I am showing too. It is NOT FREE but it is a very nice elegant gown.

As you have noticed on my blog I am a redhead. I have been searching for hairbases in red for ages and finally I found them at Exile and Catwa, blogged 2 days ago. I wanted to have them because I wanted to wear the Anna bun from MiaMai with them. It looks GREAT don't you think? The bun comes in several colors, 100 L$ each (I know, not free...but I really WANTED to have it, it goes sooo well with hats and is soo elegant). And you can wear it with or without a head band.

Morea has this lovely dress for EVERYONE at the store AND they have an easter egg hunt going on. Find 4 chocolate easter eggs and you get this cute skirt, the green top, the belt and the trousers.

OK over to the next items.
The M&M hunt: you have to find a pink flower and it lasts only a few more days. I got this lovely pink gown at Havanna Nights. There is another hunt going on at their shop, find the blue moon and you will get a cute tight dress in 4 colors.

Solyence has this rainbow dress hidden in the pink flower of the M&M hunt.

The last one in the M&M hunt Nosotr@s. You get these 2 lovely tops and the jeans to wear if you find the pink flower.

The DSM hunt is still going on and you have to look for another pink flower in this hunt. I found one at
Dragonlady and got another very lovely pink gown. Comes with champagne ladies :)

XPlosion is also participating in the DSM hunt and you get these lovely shirt dresses with or without flowers.

A very fun gift is hidden in the DSM hunt flower at the HAPPY HAT. YAY I can rollerskate :)

It took me a LONG time to find the flower at Blow up. In the meanwhile I got some free lollipops at their store :). HINT: the flower is outside.

At Indyra design there is an easter hunt going on. Find the egg and you get a very sexy short jacket. I am styling the jacket with the skirt I found in the DSM hunt at Blow up :).

Magika has a subscribo gift at their store. It is lovely blond hair with or withour extensions. You can also get some cute free bows at the store. I am showing the hair wearing the 3 free tops I got at C'Est moi. The bow is color change.

Pesca has a freebie at their store. It is a subscribo gift and this is what you get, a lovely grey sweater :)

And Bellisima has a very elegant group gift. I thought that joining was free but before I knew it I paid 10 L$ to get into the not a freebie...but decide for yourself ladies if it is worth to pay 10 L$ to get this elegant gown. There is also a male group gift at the store.

Just a few items left. This cute skin is from the MM board at Cupcakes. You get a version with and without cleavage.

And has 4 cakes hidden at their store. They are quite big. so easy to spot. They are having their birthday party there...and in each cake are lovely shirt dresses with a different printing on the left side. There is also a free gift bag at the store, don't forget to get it. You get the nice aqua shirt in the free bag and the heart tattoos.

That was it ladies. I wish you a  GREAT easter weekend and happy shopping !!!

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