Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter hunts everywhere !

If you walk around in the shops on SL you find that almost every shop is participating in one or more Easter hunts.
Spring really is here, it is almost Easter and we all long for sun and new clothes (ok not EVERYONE, but I do)
The first shop I went to was ME design and I found a very cute spring dress there as a freebie AND a skin too, also free. Thanks Ann Krokus (she tp-d me to the shop).

The next shop was Puddle Jumpers. You have to find 3 easter eggs in the store to complete this lovely dress. The skin I got from their lucky chair (you have to sit down if the chair calls the month of your birth in SL).

This lovely gown is from the MM board at Libertine, the ballet dress with veil and shoes is also from their MM board. The lovely necklace is a new freebie at GANKED jewelry.

Reiko has ohhhh soooo many LB and this is what you get there if you are lucky enough.
The lovely brown/red dress is a freebie in the store (find the box on the floor).

I went to Pink Mares House and I got cute wonder woman panties from their unlucky chair. They also have a few MM boards so don't forget to click those, because you get this funny kids outfit and also the very special dress with hat. The boots I am wearing with the last dress are a dollarbie at Body Mix. They have more boots in different colors, all 1 L$.

IZN has a very cute blazer for 1 L$ at their store (I blogged this one before, use search on the blog and type in IZN and you will find it, or just look around in the shop, it is next to the entrance) but they also have this GREAT purple top on their lucky boards. Pants are an older freebie, flats by BabyMonkey.

Last shop I went to is Arctic Storm. They have opening of their main store and their lingerie store and in either one is an Easter hunt going on. In the main store you have to find chocolate easter bunnies (do not eat them, you won't fit in the clothes anymore and that would be a shame).
Bunny 1

Bunny 2

Bunny 3
Bunny 4

Bunny 5

Bunny 6
There is also an item from the Where the BEEP are you hunt in store. The lovely necklace is called Something old and it is a former freebie at Ganked.

And you can find these 2 great freebies in the store too. The dress on the right has a dotted skirt on the picture, but either the skirt didn't rez right for me, or there is a plain white skirt inside the box.
The dress on the left comes with shoes and necklace.

And if you subscribe to their subscribo you get this lovely set in purple.

In their Lingerie store you have to find 4 Easter eggs (hint: eggs love to hide in corners).

That is it for today ladies, happy shopping !

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