Saturday, April 9, 2011

Today I will start with a few shops that have great MM boards in their stores.
Sophistyshapes has a great MM board with very sexy lingerie on it from their Sofia store. They also participate in the M&M hunt but I could not find the pink flower allas.

And YAY I got this very nice lingerie again from the MM board at Sophisishapes.

Another shop with a lingerie MM board is Voluptia and I got this lovely set from them.

Zenith has 2 MM boards in their store (you need the group tag but joining is free). If you have the patience to stand there for a while you will get a lot of nice things (I was working on my blog at the same time *giggles*)
The necklace is an older gift from Happy Finds.

Just Because doesn't have a MM board but they do participate in the DD&D hunt. You have to look for a diamond. When you find it you will get this great shirt.

The next outfit I got from the Lucky boards at Bubblez.

A&A has GREAT hair...
These two are from their Easter basket hunt. Click the board in the store and you will get all the landmarks to the easter baskets.
You will get loads of hair to give away (they are packed as presents) or to keep yourself. (also guys hair)

This hair is called Lorelei.

This hair is called Medina.

And this hair I got from A&A as a voting gift.

It is not a big blog today girls. I was enjoying the warm sun today. But I do hope you will have a happy time shopping :)

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