Friday, April 22, 2011

Still experimenting with a new skin :)

Today I am wearing a skin by Unique Megastore. It is a new release, the Artemis and this is one GREAT skin. I didn't have to adjust my shape to wear it (ok I admit I am lazy...). It is NOT free. But it goes great with the outfits and hair and jewelry I found for you today. The hair is Carlotta by A&A (1 L$)

Cupcakes has an egg hunt at their store. You can find 18 eggs all around the shop (not only inside) and if you find them you will get the things I am showing below. Egg #1 is at the landing point. (YES you also do get a skin in all colors)

At Butt-Err you can find a gift from the Stash Bash hunt (take a guess what you have to find? YES your bash) AND they have a bag on the floor which you can buy for 1 L$ and you get 3 great Tees with shorts and some tattoos :)
This hair is Noelle by is not free but at the moment there is a secret sale and the brunette version is marked down to 10 L$. Another 9 packs are marked 10 L$ too.

Dilly Dolls is participating in the same hunt and you also have to find your stash to get this lovely color change (and hide or show stash) dress.

I also was lucky at the lucky chairs at Dilly Dolls...and got this very nice skin

PIG is also participating in the Stash Bash hunt and you get this lovely top IF you find the stash :)

Dryad (where I got the lovely red jewelry yesterday) also has a hut at their store. You have to find the good egg to get this lovely set of earrings, bracelet, necklace.

Another lovely necklace is given away in I think what is called the WTG hunt. You have to find a strawberry.

And Ear Candy gives away this lovely set in the April fools hunt. There is a second gift in the store, you get these glasses also from the Aprils fools hunt if you find the fool.

They also participate in the M&M hunt (only 2 days left so you have to be FAST). Finding the pink flower will get you this lovely set.

Vita's Boudoir on the other hand gives away LOVELY spring hair...

I went to A&A Fashion (not A&A HAIR !!) and they have some lovely freebies at their store. I started with these super earrings. and the cute capris , top ...and the pink and black outfit...

House of Benningburrough has two Easter gifts at their store...a super orange and green evening dress which moves lovely when you walk...and a parachute outfit :)

Last one for today is Blue Blood. I hopped in and YAY an R on the lucky board...hows that for luck?

Happy shopping ladies !!!

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