Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Are you longing for summer?

No clue where you all live ladies, and maybe on your side of the world it is warm and sunny all year round, but here in the Netherlands it is spring and we had some pretty warm days already. Makes me long for summer ! And hey...what better way to start than to go to Alexohol and do the "We are going to the beach" hunt. Look for a cocktail glass. Thanks Elize for telling me about the hunt and your help finding the items MMWAHHHHH !

Alexohol is also participating in 2 other hunts, the NIGHT hunt (find a moon and you get pyamas) and the Rainy day hunt (find a waterdroplet and you get the blue bikini).

In the Alexohol store itself there are 14 cocktail glasses (also OUTSIDE, so you have to look on the beach too). The cocktail glasses are pretty easy to find.
This is what you get:

TOP only.


Gifts 7 + 8 + 9 . Find all to complete the set.

The short is by OUTRAGE. The tops by ALEXOHOL.

Top and jeans, gift 12 + 13

In the other shops on the SIM there are more cocktail glasses.
This one is at Indie Rose. You get 3 shorts (not the tops). One glass is outside the shop.

And this one is at SWAK and they have also 3 glasses (one upstairs)

The next one is at Sassy Kitty and you get this lovely outfit there. Again 3 glasses to find.

The shorts I am wearing with several outfits are the hunt gift from OUTRAGE !

Iren has this lovely shirtdress in the hunt for you :)

Bellies gives you these shades on the condition that you find the cocktail glass at their store :)

These shirts with black and white lace are s gift in the hunt by Izzy.

Almost done ! Blacklace is also participating and you have to find 2 glasses to complete the lovely yellow bikini!

The last one I found is at LadieCakes and you get a lot of funny cocktail umbrellas to wear in your mouth or in your hair.

To finish this blog: I found this great bag on the lucky board at Awram vie. It goes perfect with your beach outfits ! You can wear it on your shoulder but also on your head *funny*.

Happy shopping ladies :)

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