Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Free dresses, hair and shoes...what does a girl want more?


Girls I just stumbled along a few shops and got some really kelw free dresses. They are all from different shops, so I put the LM under them.
Samsara free dress

Psychotopia free halloween dress

Sascha's October gown

Fleur de Lis Coeur noir free dress

At Before sleep they have a few free dresses and loads of dollarbies. And all cute as a button. The pink dress and the pyama are HUNT gifts from Before Sleep.

                        Dollarbies and freebies on the boards..

At Maschienenwerk is everything free. They have clothes, but mainly jeans, sneakers and tops. But they also have skins and shapes, both for men and women. Don't I look great in the clothes (not wearing their skin and shape)?

Owww I just LOVE shoes and hair....and guess what? I found a few new great freebies for you all :)

At DbT they have great group gifts BUT the entrance fee for the group is 50 L. Take a look at the pic of the gifts and see if it is worth it (I think it is )

Above are the group gifts and below are the shoes that are only 5 L each...I couldn't resist those !!

These are the ones I got :)

Ohh and I do love hair. I went to Diva and got a few very cute styles from their Lucky Boards. You need a group tag but joining is free.

I got free hair at Amicci too :)

And I got some reallly cute hair at HAIR ONLY. The Tp will lead you straight to the free boxes (on the floor)

Last but not least I went to Ray Skin with their MANY Lucky boards and I got ...ermmm well it is not hair....but it surely makes you smile :)

Enjoy your shopping ladies :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

WOW gown in purple, green boots, Peppermint blue, Paradiso and Glad rags:)


Ohhh did you hear me sigh WOW when I saw this gown? It is not a freebie (10 L$) but it is soooo lovely that I just had to put it on the blog. In the shop are 3 more 10 L gowns...the name of the shop is LVS, the purple gown is outside, the other gowns inside the shop.
If you are greedy: get them ALL !!

The next dress is a gift from the BOO hunt, but sooo great. You are looking for a ghost ladies and the LM leads to the store. The shop is called Brat mainstore :)
At Paradiso I found loads of freebies. I will show them below, just walk around and you will see them in the shops :)

Black angel

White angel

Leather outfit by Yasuki, leather jacket by XTC.
Black and purple dress by Tomara, cute black dress with shoes by Arctic Storm.
Both angels on Lucky boards.
ALL on the PARADISO sim (see above for LM)

At Peppermint blue you get everything for free. Most items on the vendors include even shape, skins, shoes, outfit and SOME include hair too. I just picked a few...take a look, they are great. On the pics I am NOT wearing the shapes and skins, but on the first pic I am wearing the free hair with the outfit.

With the hair and shoes

Can you tell my fav color is

Then I went to Glad Rags and they have a few 1 L items as shown below.

Free T

Then I got some WOW free boots at DbT !

Last but not least I went to Bitch Tails and got some great stuff from their questionmark board. You need some patience and it takes some clicking...but looks GREAT.

Have fun ladies...see you soon :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Japanese outfits, starters packs and loads of other finds...


Hello ladies,

I did the Make him over Hunt, took me a while so I wasn't very active blogging, but I stillf ound a few very nice things I want to share :) I hope you will love them too :)

I found this really cute shop with loads of Lucky Borads. It is Japanese style, they have plenty 1 L$ gifts in the store too. It is called Ray Skin.

These were dollarbies.
These cute outfits I got from the Lucky boards (they come with the hair).
The dress with the tiger hat comes with hair. And with the hats too. *giggles* (lucky Boards too)
And this sweater was a dollarbie too.

And these are the lucky Boards....they change pretty fast...

At Naughty and Nice I got a very sexy gift :)

Next shop I stopped at was Badoura Design. They have a few lucky chairs but also a load of freebies and dollarbies.

And these are the dollarbies or freebies

The cute hairstyles are by Lollipopz and were freebies at the Hair Fair. They have a MM board for group members in the store however (also for guys). And a few Lucky chairs too.
Couture Chapeau has 2 starters gift boxes in their store. one for guys and one for gals. I hear you say: BUT I am NOT a newby...the clothes are not too bad though :) Didn't try the skins, shapes etc. but I liked the clothes :)

Then I visited Myself Clothes at Fashion World. I am showing you the outfits I got there below.


These tops come in 7 colors, and the pants in 6.

The last shop I went to is calles Petit Pas and they gave away 3 lovely watches. OK you see only TWO...the other one was a guys watch and way too big for me :)
But why not surprise your BF with it?

HUGS to you all :) Roodvosje