Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A sunny feeling...and YAY I got an IPAD 2 !!!

I wanted to make a blog today with a real sunny feeling. And I must say I got some lovely items for you all today :)
Scroll down to read about my IPAD 2 !!

This great necklace, earrings and bracelet set is by Dryad and if you are fast you can click their MM board and get it...target is only 40.

The set goes perfectly with the outfit I got at Unique clothing. They participate in the BSC hunt, all participants put out one of their best selling items. You have to get on the LOW list first (find the board to join in the stores). The shoes come with the outfit.

Bastia is also participating in this hunt and this is what I got at their store.
You can also find a gift from the PCH hunt at Bastia. The pCH hunt has a male and a female outfit inside, the sweater is actually for the males.

This GREAT gown is a goft in the new store of Paris Metro. I love the way it moves and the color is very elegant.

Another lovely gown can be found at Fellini Couture. You have to find 6 eggs and you will get this lovely gown (in each egg is a part of the gown AND the hair in 4 colors).

This cute hair is a new gift in the lucky boards at Heart Softens :)

YAY I have an IPAD !!!! And I got it at Coco, they are giving away a very cute short and tee set but also this tote bag in pink or black WITH the so wanted IPAD 2 inside...
How is that for a gift?

I have been standing at Bukka for ages...and YAY finally I got the striped shirt. I didn't get the cute jeans skirt, so I am wearing the sweaer with an older Bukka skirt.

Shiki has new group gifts at their store, a lovely elegant blue and white drss and (actually for the guys) a white blouse with blue and white capris.

And this summer dress is also a group gift at Shiki (i have blogged this before, but it is sooo spring...)

And this very cute lilac dress is a dollarbie 1 L$ at Bingo ! There are some more dollarbies at the store, take your time to look around ladies.

Theis little black dress is a gift from the BSC hunt at Snowpaws. You have to join the LOW list and then you can get the gift items. I was lucky: Snowpaws has a lot of lucky boards and I got the cute red blouse and the jeans there.

Last one for today are these GREAT booties (they look like Uggs don't they?) from the lucky chair at BabyMonkey. I love the flowers on the boots, they are color change !!! Thanks Pixieplumb ;)
They come in a Mommy and me version (normal and small)

That was it for today ladies...HAPPY SHOPPING !!

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