Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mellow Yellow

THE spring color for me is yellow. When I think of spring I think of yellow tulips, daffodils and buttercups. So today tried to find some yellow stuff and believe me: that is NOT easy.
But I managed to find a few things, like this very cute group gift by Monroes.

Another yellowish dress is this dress from the BSC hunt (get on the LOW list first, find the board in the store). This dress I found at Target. The cute yellow shoes are by BabyMonkey (not free but affordable).

Graffiti wear also participates in the BSC hunt (find the LOW sign) and they give you these crazy hippy pants. I am wearing them with a cute top I found on Marketplace, it is by Anomali.

This dress is from the BSC hunt at HerBerry. It is not quite yellow but it still feels like spring to me :) (OK I admit: I didn't find much yellow stuff that was free).

The next outfit is by House of Gaga. I must say the dress looks MUCH nicer on their pics that it looks on mine. Maybe a better photographer? Ah well mine looks like this, and mind me I paid 1 L$ for it too !

So because I didn't like this yellow outfit (nor the shoes that come with it) I bought another dress for 1 L$ at House of Gaga, a lovely white one.

House of Doll on the other hand does have a YELLOW dress with butterflies...I simply love that one :)

Yet another yellow spring dress with lovely flowers on it is being sold for 1 L$ by E3D.

To go with these dresses you could decide to get the pumps by Viviane Fashion for 1 L$.

You can wear these pumps with this lovely gown in lace. It is by Je t'aime and it is free. The shoes come with the gown.

Viviane Fashion also has some really really cute bunny sneakers for 1 L$...too funny !!!

You could wear those sneakers with these tartan pants and the Anomali top. The pants are 1 L$, the top is free and comes with a black bra.

I found a really cute bunny outfit which is not yellow but PINK...and very very sexy. It is by Milly Molly.

Actually I found some great earrings to go with the bunny suit. They are pink...and tiny little teddy bears. They are by Topaz Square. You also get 3 sizes of teddy bear with the earrings.

Du Pappillon has 2 great spring dresses for 1 L$ each and ok...they are not really yellow...but they feel like singing and picking flowers :)
The Spring Breeze is the orange one, the Rainbow is the more colored one.

This dress is white and has cute flowers on it. The dress is by Loyn and it is 1 L$.
The choker with the flowers I am wearing with it is by Curious Kitties. They have it in many colors, I chose the white one for this blog.

Curious Kitties also has some Easter skins on Marketplace and they are free.

I saved a cute little snack for last. This very funny easter basket backpack is a gift by May Soul. Isn't it a MUST have ??? I love the little candle in an egg at the left.

Happy shopping ladies !!!

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