Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lots of hair and skins and yes, also clothes and shoes

I so much want to start with a lovely spring dress otday because it has been raining here all day and I do need a little sunshine. This one I found at Freebiesowo. It is a dollarbie and as a matter of fact all items in the shop are below 5 L$.
The next shop I went to was Milky Way. They are taking part in the Spring Treasure hunt, but they also have loads of freebies in their store. The cute jeans skirt with striped shirt is the hunt item.

Lace jacket

Another great gift is the group gift at Paradisis. Lovely red dress.

Then I styled the Paradisis top with the great open jeans I got at Admirals. They come with undies in a lot of colors, but I though the red one was the best choice. Shoes are by Babymonkey, they will be blogged below.

I love to wear red, even though I have red hair. This cute outfit which you can wear in a lot of different ways I found on Marketplace.

The next great shop was Condemned design. They have a lot of lucky boards, MM boards and a questionmark game. What I got there is shown below.

Purple Moon has this lovely elegant gown for their group members as a new gift. WOW I love this gown. It shows your leg in a very sexy way.

Dama has a hughe fatpack of leggings as a free gift. I styled them with the tops by Jane. I am not showing you all, there are too many in the fatpack. Just get them yourself and take a look :) The cute bag is a freebie at Paradis (see above)

Yome Shoujo has this lovely elegant dress in store, which you can wear short or long. It comes with a face jewel and a hair flower. It is a bit unusual, you have to buy the table.

Dare design has 4 lucky chairs in their store and YAY I was lucky, I got 2 outfits and a pair of shoes !

Today is the LAST DAY for the DIM hunt and if you are really fast you can get this lovely purple dress IF you find the diamond at Ibizarre!.

OK I bet you are wondering when I finally will get to the hair ans hoes...ok ok here come the SHOES. They are by BabyMonkey and a gift at Free Dove. 4 pairs of flats and 4 elegant pumps. Thank you so much Pixie :)

This skin is also a DIM hunt gift, so you have to be fast, it runs till 1st of april. I got this one by JeSyLiLo. Find the diamond ladies, it isn't too hard.

This skin is a gift by Tuty. It comes with lots of make ups and it is a freebie. I am not showing you all options.

The last skin is by Style by Kyra. I got it from thei Lucky Board but there are plenty others to get there...if your letter shows up :)

Talking about make up, this very nice smudged make up is free on Marketplace.
The cute blushes are a freebie by BINGO.

OK HAIR.. I am crazy about hair...and these cute styles I found at Vignette. All hair in their shop is free, so hop over there and find what is your style.
The hair comes in all colors. I am only showing you a few red styles.

The next hairstyle is by one of my favorites: A&A. I love their styles. This one is a gift if you vote on the board behind the gift :)

The last thing I am showing you is by Damned and it is a lollipop...hmmmmmmm

Happy shopping ladies !

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