Monday, April 18, 2011


Just a present for you because it is spring and that is my favorite season :)
This is a gift in the Seasons Hunt (find the cute bee) at Olive Juice (also the Spring on a string pose and a pose with flowers behind your back).

Another gift from this hunt I found at Tee*fy, cute hair with a hat :)

The Secret store is also participating in the Seasons hunt and if you find the bee you get this cute jacket in green.

Ingenue gives you these lovely tanks IF you find the bee in their store :)

And this is the Olive juice pose * Spring on a string *, I am wearing the top from the Seasong hunt I found at SMS.

Mango Mango has this skin in the NSA hunt (find the Dolly box) and the lipstick is a free gift in the store.

LexBex has this lovely pair of jeans as a gift in their store. And lets be honest: we can never have too many good jeans in our inventory :)

Then Twisted and spoiled is giving this lovely gift to their group members (joining is free). I styled wit with the pose fron Olive Juice :) The necklace with the butterfly comes with the outfit.

Yesss has this great sexy outfit on their slap and dash board and you can find another slap and dash there too, this will get you the cute pants outfit.

If you fill out a survey form at Aleida you will be rewarded with this very sexy spring dress. I love it !

This sexy dressy is by Cero Style and it is free. I bet that doesn't surprise you as I hardly ever buy anytging in SL. You have to pet the easter bunny at the store to get this sexy thingy.

Last but not least is the present Glamorize gave away in the FabFree group. Beautifull fairy make up...oohh WOW....Join the Fabfree group girls or go over to Glamorize !

And that was it for today ladies.


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