This is a LIST with free and cheap mesh heads and bodies 
Updated July 2022


An awesome place to start is New Resident Island. (try to put New Resident Island in search - that lands you where you should land, the links I post below land you on a set landmark)

You can find MALE AVATARS for free there (IF you are under 365 days!)

You can find FEMALE avatars there too (if you are under 365 days!)

You can also find CAT avatars there 

And you can find AOs there too Male & Female (not only for under 365 days)

You can also learn there how to use the avatars!



Free to join group and a free female Genus Strong head

* GENESIS sadly closed 
* LOGO has a free group 
and they have an offer of a MESH head (including skins) each month for group members for 300 L$ without the HUD.
The HUD is needed but works for all heads so it's a one time buy for the head with HUD of 1295 L$.

* Altamura has a PAID group (150 L$ enrollment fee)
They have a Leila female BOM head for free, also a MAX full male avatar, Robert avatar, Aaron full avatar, a free male & female BOM skin gift, several tattoo gifts and more. For most of these FULL avatars you do not need the paid group.


* Altamura offers free complete avatars here:
  You do not need the group
- Helping Haven Gateway - Freebie building  
   Tommy here 
- Ajuda Brazil (freebie building)
- London City
  Jenny and Robert both here 
- Unihispania Community Gateway

- Sweet Ruth mesh head 1L$    Bom Bento head        
- META Bae mesh head 99 L$ Bom Bento head
- DREAM mesh head price changed to 278 L$ Bom Mesh head
- PaschaEwing mesh head 1 L$ BoM mesh head 

- Lady mesh head 
1 L$ simple BoM mesh head by Ca'lum 
They have four 1 L$ versions. 




FEMALE MESH BODIES (with or without heads)

- eBody FREE on Marketplace.
- eBody also the AVAR version is FREE on Marketplace.

- LBD Ruth mesh body 1 L$ Bom Bento

- Sweet mesh body 1 L$ Bom Bento

- SD Sugarfree mesh body Bom Bento 1 L$

- FEMALE & MALE FREE Ruth & Roth bodies with free skins & extras 0 L$

- Desire Fashion complete mesh avatar Jade 10 L$

Viva Mesh avatar 1 L$ comes with 2 Bento heads and full HUDs
PEACH BODY 1 L$ - it is by The Mighty Ginkgo/ ::Milky Bunny::/ *Rule Of Rose*
Curvy body which is BoM. There is NO alpha. so you cannot use Omega.

- Female Mesh body BOM only! 1 L$ Christmas gift by **SD** SugarFree Delicioso Fashion & Vogue * Made in Italy Style
* Meshbody - Legacy Body free (also available inworld)

* Rule of Rose fairy avatar 1 L$ - it is by The Mighty Ginkgo/ ::Milky Bunny::/ *Rule Of Rose*
And they have another Fairy avatar for 1 L$ - both ate BOM

* Glitter & Doom - Ruth 3.0 mesh body FREE

* Rose & Gothica- mesh head and  body 1 L$




- Sweet Ruth male mesh head 1 L$ Bom Bento head
- Aquiline Nose head by Ca'lum. 1 L$ simple head BoM
There is also an edition for 1 L$ with a different nose 

- Upturned nose head by Ca'lum. 1 L$ simple head
There is also an edition for 1 L$ with a Roman nose

- Victor Bento head by Ca'lum. 100 L$ This head has more options - read the add.
There is a FREE version too 



MALE MESH BODIES (with or without heads)

- Mesh Roth body mesh body 10 L$ with Bento hands
- SWEETS male mesh body Bom Bento 1 L$

- FEMALE & MALE FREE Ruth & Roth bodies with free skins & extras

- Male mesh body by Шеф - 1 L$ Mesh body & BoM

- MALE Christmas gift BoM body 1 L$ by **SD** SugarFree Delicioso Fashion & Vogue * Made in Italy Style

* OnuPup male mesh full avatar mesh & Bom Free

* Meshbody - Legacy body only Free, also available inworld.

* Mens World - 1 L$ - Takeshi complete avatar high definition skin with tatoo, shape, eyes,hair and pants, hair base, eyebrows. 


MALE mesh heads & Bodies in SECOND LIFE

- Vista has a 1 L$ BoM head. It is a BASIC version you can only use BoM on it. There is NO HUD included.
The name of the head is Chris, click the small vendor on top of the big one to get it.
The original head WITH HUD is 1500 L$.

- Legacy FREE mesh body (pay 1 L$ get refund)

-  Alantori has a male Marco head as group gift.
The group is 99 L$ to join. However you get a LOT of group gifts.

- DNA by Brox - FIVE male mesh avatars Bento & Bom ready - free updates
1 L$ for each body
Also free skins there for these  bodies


FEMALE mesh heads & bodies in SECOND LIFE

* Altamura has a Leila head as gift for the Teleport HUB members. The group is 10 L$ to join. It is a Bento Bom Omega head.

BoaToam has a free to join group and 1 female mesh head as group gifts (also several other group gifts like hair, skins, make up)
There is a FAT pack with another head, including eyes, shape, skins, tongue, make up and facial expression for 10 L$.

* UniHispania has a FREE eBody Classic and eBody Curvy (pay 1 L$ get a refund)

- Logo has a 300 L$ mesh head each month for their group members.
The LOGO group is free to join.
This head comes without the HUD. WITH HUD it is 1295 L$ but you can use the HUD with any of their heads, it is a one time buy.
These heads are Bento and BoM ready.

- Legacy free female body (pay 1 L$ get refund)

- Lucy Body- the free body is on MM board. No group needed.

- DREAM also has an inworld store with the CIARA head for 99 L$ and the Dua head also 99 L$.
AND 2 midnight Madness boards with female bodies. The goal is just 50 clicks.
You will need the group which is 50 L$ to join for the MM boards. 

* Tiny Things - Stay at Home gift BoM. Ruthie complete body FREE