Sunday, May 22, 2011


I will be away for a well deserved 3 week holiday. I will be back on June 15th.
Hope to see you all then readers :) HUGS


YAY Hair and skins...or skins and hair?

As you all know I am still experimenting with skins...and this time I got a few very nice ones. The first one is the Lilian skin by Faces Studio. WOW it is one amazing skin. Not free BUT ...BUT...they have a Midnight Mania board with one version of this great skin inside, for free !!!...YAY.
This is the Lilian which is NOT free and the make ups you get with this skin, at the bottom is the free one. The skin comes in 3 different cleavages

MunSpain also has a new released skin, called Ashley. It is not free, but I still wanted to show you it comes with lots of make up. MunSpain has several lucky boards at the store, so always worth to have a look. And please let me know which skin you think looks great on me?

Then I got some new hair by Alli & Ali. First the weekly voting gifts and below them the group gifts. Both gifts are available at the Alli & Ali mainstiore.

The next hair is also by Alli & Ali and you can find it on Marketplace. The SLURLs are below the pics.

Allessandra on the left, Anastasia on the right.

Brianna on the left, Erin on the right.

Freya on the left, Kimba on the right.

Louisiana on the left, Ninifee on the right.
I got some more hair from the lucky board at Deadly Marketplace...I love the hair (the gown I am wearing it the light blue gown by Pas de Deux, blogged below)

Paris Metro has a lovely free gift at their store. It is a skirt with a top with a very bhoho feel...and it moves like the wind is blowing your skirt...PERFECT.

I couldn't resist to show you Paris Metro's new release too. The gown is called Daisy and NOT FREE, but I really love the bright colors on it.

With these gowns I am wearing the necklace an earrings from JD Design. I blogged their MM board yesterday and that is really worth clicking ladies. This one is a new release.

Hucci has this very cute shirt and 2 bras as a subscribo gift at their store.

Pas de Deux has many lucky boards and all over the shop are dollarbies (1 L$). I have been standing at the lucky boards and I got this lovely gown as a gift. It comes in a pack of 3 colors, blue, dark blue and orange. I am wearing the light blue gown with the hair by Alli & Ali.
The next gown is called Inauguration gown and it is available for free at Grimorio.

The next lovely dress...well it looks more like silks...or is it a gown? Decide for yourself ladies, it is a gift at Zombie Garden.

This cute dress is a new group gift at Be Happy. Be Happy also has a few lucky boards so while you are there please click them too :)

As I am  RL painter I love the gift Dragon Lady has put up in the Spring Blossom hunt (find the pink flower). The easel is GREAT, comes with 3 different paintings and a brush :)

And this great dress is a lucky board gift by Blue have to stand there for a while, but the dresses are great to get.

The next sexy outfit is by BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) and it is a 10 L$ item. A new release, one is on special offer.
 Then I went to  M*G*S and they have a few lucky boards too. This is what I got there .. The tank tops are by Jane and free in all colors. The necklace is a gift from the lucky boards at Mezzo. The jeans are an older freebie.

That was it for today ladies.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Accesoire day

Today I am going to blog some accesoires. My friend Elize told me that Tesla has some really cute hats. THANKS Elize !!!
But I am going to start with some jewelry :)
The hats will follow :)
This lovely necklace is called Cross Heart. You have to look close, because it is very elegant and thin...but it is a LOVELY necklace ;)

JD Design has this lovely necklace as a gift in their Midnight Mania board ladies, so get over there, invite your friends and click away.

JD Design also has a new release: a lovely diamond necklace (NOT free).

Then I saw these 2 lovely sets. They are copybotted and the designer of JetCity put them on marketplace for free. You can find the white one HERE and the black one HERE.

Another black necklace is the one by Fifferling. It is a necklace in mouth...not really suitable for a royal wedding, but it is a cute necklace :)

Designers of jewelry seem to love black, because I found yet another black necklace. This one is by Justice. Costs you 1 L$ though :)

There is another shop called JD & PS design. It is NOT the same one as JD design I blogged before, but they also have jewelry. I got these lovely bangles from them and also a cute sunflower set in silver and black.

Inka design has this romantic heart necklace for us ladies as a freebie.

Miss Jewel has lovely black and white necklaces and earrings.
You can find them here:
Black pearl choker with heart.
Black hoops earrings.
White 3 circles earrings.
Long necklace.
Black and white necklace.

The next necklace and bracelet are by Karshr. They are heavy silver and very gothic, but they will go great with a black gown.

I found 2 sets of lovely earrings too. The first set is from the lucky board at Ribbons mainstore. You get a card which you have to put into a box at their store at Love Soul. A bit complicated. but the sunflower earrings are great.
The other earrings are lovely pink roses and they are by MHIA.

Then I put on my little black dress. It was a hunt gift by Saschas design some time ago. But I had to wear the Royal Wedding gift by Vlad Blackburn and believe me: you cannot wear that with jeans and a sexy top.

I am wearing a new release pair of shoes with the dress. It is by SLC, they are called Romance and come in several lovely colors, and the BLACK pair is a VIP group offer. The shoes are NOT free.

The little black dress needed some I jumped over to Septem. They have a few very nice freebies at their store, look below :)

Another cute bag is the one I got from Ribbons Lucky Board. WOW I love the flowers on it :)

OK over to the HATS finally !!!
This first one is a hat by Lode and it is called Lola.

The next one is a special one. Actually it is not really a hat when you get it, just a blank big ermm....ok hat...You have to shrink it (use edit -> stretch) and then you have to put a texture on it (edit -> texture) or a color (edit -> texture). But then you have a hat YOU created and which goes with your favorite dress. I put a rattan texture on it and made it soft yellow. Looks like a summer hat don't you think? MIND ME: It is NOT for reselling !!! The hat is by Jade Leaf Studio.

And finally TESLA ! All their hats are FREE ladies...and I think I got take your pick :)
I am wearing the BALD BASE I got free with the Lelutka skin (blogged yesterday) and the bun I got from MiaMai (bun in red, you can wear it with out without forehead ribbon). It is called ANNA BUN and comes in all colors (each in their own pack, so NO pack with all colors inside !!) NOT free though.

Happy Accesorising ladies :)