Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back to the 50th.

Today I just found clothes that reminded me of the 50th. That isn't very strange as there is a hunt going on at the moment, The Back to the 50th Hunt. But the strange thing is that I also got kinda 50th clothes from other designers. Maybe it is a new trend?

This lovely dress is by Simply the Best and you have to join the group to get it. There are so many freebies in the store you get as a group member (I am showing you just a few), it is worth it. Besides: joining is free!

This dress is by Chat'Teigne and as you see I have a record in my mouth. That is what you are looking for in this hunt: a record. I love this outfit...it is really 50th for me :)

The next outfit is also from the Back to the 50th hunt and I found it at Cero Style.

Divalicious is also participating in this hunt and they give you this very elegant brown dress if you find the record in their store.

Fuzion has a male and female gift if you get the record and even though I am not a guy I tried the male outfit too. Needed some adjusting but it doesn't look half bad. Maybe it is better you take your male partner there though and let him have it. Shoes come with both outfits.

Absolution has these 2 lovely tops hidden inside the record.

The Plastik on the other hand gives you something really special. Loads of skins with 50th make up. Not only make up on the skins, but also lots of make up layers to wear with the skins. And eyes too. So if you want a complete 50th make over, find the record at The Plastik. I am not even showing you half of the gift...it is way too much.

Illicit has not only this great gown in their shop for the Back to the 50th hunt, but also these sexy shoes from the M&M hunt (find the pink flower).

The last item I found from the back to the 50th hunt was at Leisure. The shoes are by BabyMonkey as usual. Hop over to the BabyMonkey shop and take a look, the shoes are so very affordable and so well made ! They are worth every linden.

This very 50th dress is not from the hunt but a gift by G&N. The boots come with the dress and it is soooo retro!

Hmmm I simply LOVE these 2 cute tops and the jeans capri's I got from the lucky boards at MoonChild. They are really worth waiting for ladies. The bag is a Gatcha bag from *M*G*S* (you have to pay the Gatcha machine 5 L$ and you get a bag)

STC (Sweeter than Candy) has this dress for their group members. Yoyu can either wear it short or as a cocktail dress. Love the pink color and the leaf like skirt ! Makes me feel like a flower :)

The last item I got is a gift from Ronsem. Oh what a lovely top for cold spring days :)

Happy shopping ladies :)

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