Monday, October 31, 2011

Dresses, gowns, skins and styling.

Let me start today with a lovely gown, the November gown by Saschas Design. It is free for group members (a free gown or dress each month) but the joining fee is 50 L$. However you get ALL previous monthly gowns, back to 2008!
The gown is perfect for fall, falling leaves all over it :)
The necklace and earrings are a previous hunt gift by Alienbear.

The next gown is by SLC design and it is their VIP group offer for this month. There is a 99 L$ enrolment fee.
And this gown is by At Last Design and I found it on Marketplace. This gown will set you back 1 L$.

Another lovely gown I found on Marketplace is by Affinity Boutique.
Then I went to Snowpaws because they have soooo many lucky boards and to my surprise I won a lovely green boho gown :)
I also got a cute orange/red dress from the lucky boards.
But the best thing was the great dress Snowpaws is giving away.

The next dress is a group gift by Poised.
And this cute flower dress is by At Last Design, also from Marketplace. It comes with the matching shoes and you have to pay 1 L$ to get dress and shoes.
Apple May Design has a lovely new release, a dress perfect for Fall. I love the leaf design and the cute skirt. (not free).
Apple May Design also has a new released skin, called Giselle and you might have noticed it the last days as I was wearing this lovely skin on my pictures here. It comes in many skintones and make-ups. (not free).
The 2 skins I have been wearing:

Mother Gooses skins are free but you have to be patient, as they are from their lucky boards. The letters change really fast and they have sooo mant lucky boards that you really have to keep focussed. But all skins below I got from those lucky boards.
The pointed eyelashes are also from the lucky board at Mother Goose.

This great hair is from the lucky boards at Diva. The scarf is color and texture change.

Then I found this cute purple dress on Marketplace. It is by Agressione and it is free. Actually it is quite a plain dress, nothing to it. But I decided to style it in different ways so you can see what is possible with such a plain dress. The dress is 1 L$. On the first pic on the left is the dress plain as I bought it. On the right I styled it with a belt I found at Sakide and a in-mouth necklace by Ellenico.
Then I changed the necklace to a purple set (necklace and earrings) by Eti Osuka.
Actually with the belt by Sakide you get fishnet stockings and I decided to wear those with the top of the purple dress. I styled it with a lovely white pearl set (necklace and bangles) by Jetcity
And the fishnets also come in black, so I am wearing the Funny Bow grey necklace by Thypa Bailey with the purple dress.
Then I found a really FUN belt by Puppy dog tails. It is called Kawai belt and there are so many fun things on the belt, like a lollipop, a little bear, a bow etc., it made me smile.
Last but not least I put the lovely elegant pearl belly chain by Alienbear on the dress. WOW you could go dancing in this cute dress... it is so stylish all of a sudden. The belly chain is not free. 10 L$ for this lovely double chain.


I lost my HEAD!!!

As today is Halloween and the Halloween gifts will be gone tomorrow I am quickly posting the GREAT outfit Baiastice is giving away in their store. WOW what an amazing Marie Antoinette outfit.
This lovely dress is by My Precious (Agnes Finney) and it is a Halloween special for just 10 L$.
And The Dressing Room has these very cute shoes as a Halloween gift (1 L$).
Boof has 2 great outfits for you and your friend to wear on Halloween ! Now the only issue is: who is #1 and who is #2? ohh and I LOVE the hair :)
The outfit is a new release, so NOT FREE.

Halloween hunt at ZHAO .

There is a cute little hunt going on at ZHAO shoes but you have to be fast to find the pumpkins :) Obviously it will stop on November 1st.
There are 12 pumpkins hidden in and around the ZHAO store and there are 4 opened boxes which contain free boots. And this is what I found there:












And these are the free boots:
Red boots
black boots
brown boots
bloodred boots

And you also get this with the boots:


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween leftovers

There are a few Halloween dresses, hair and shoes left in my inventory which I really would like to share with you all !
Like this GREAT hair which is a new release especially for Halloween at BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich). The hair comes in all colors, and you can wear it with cob web and lace or just with the cobweb or without all.
Then I found this lovely gown at Bliss Couture. It is a Halloween special but you can also wear it (without the hat) AFTER Halloween. You have to be a group member as it is a group gift.
House of Beningburough also has a lovely Halloween special. Again: they changed their policy and the free gowns are now group only. Joining is free.
These GREAT shoes are by Purrfect10, and they are called Black Widow (99 L$). Perfect to wear with the gowns above !
And this necklace is a new release for GSP by Acide, called Pumpkin  Pink perly kiss. Goes great with all your Halloween outfits.

There is a Halloween hunt going on at EarthStones. It is a sim wide hunt, you have to look for trick or treat bags all over the sim. Some are free, for others you have to pay up to 50 L$. They are not hard to find. This is what I got (these 3 bags were the free ones I found but there are more).


EarthStones also has a few free gifts at their store.

Then I found a Halloween lucky board at Pinky Gals and after waiting a looong time I was so lucky to get this cute sexy Halloween dress.
And this dress I found on Marketplace. It is called Witch dress and it is by CMore and they charge you 1 L$ for it. I styled the dress with the necklace I also found on Marketplace, which is by Famma design (called Serpentine) and the bangles by Amour fashion, also on Marketplace.

The next outfit is from the Midnight Mania board at MG Design. It is kinda Halloween, but not really :) But it is extremely sexy! Shoes by HOC Industries.

And this outfit is the new update group gift by Furore.

Last one for today are some lovely skins by Skintimate.
The Nicole Silverline skin (on the left) is 75 L$ till sunday and you can find it at Skintimate mainstore. So is the I love you skin (on the right), which is a group gift (joining is free).

The last skin is made for the 75 L$ skin sale event and you can find it HERE.