Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A bit more hunting, hair and shoes and Ydea

OK I did a bit more hunting in the FSP hunt. You need to find an easter egg and when you find it you get the lm to the next shop. If you want to visit specific shops, use the teleporter system at the sim.
The eggs are not hard to find :)
I found the one at AlaFolie and I got this very elegant dress :)

Shoes are by Babymonkey.

The next one I found at Gizza. Yesterday I only had the male one, today I really wanted to find the FEMALE one...and I did :) This was inside.

And my fav shop Saschas design has this lovely cocktail dress in their FSP easter egg.

Prism has another extremely elegant cocktail dress in a soft purple for you if you can find the egg there :)

Mina on the other hand has HAIR...YAY....find the egg ladies and you get this red ponytail hairdo.

OK enough with the hunting. I got more hair from the MM board at A&A. Lovely messy updo. The hair is called Hilda.

And Rubisoho has many lucky boards but you need the group (joining is free). I need 100 groups guys from Linden labs....I don't think they read my blog, but hey it is worth a try.

THis cute pink flower dress I got from the lucky chairs at Zenith.

Over to the gift I found at Vogue design. WOW what a sexy little number.

The next skin is a group gift from Mamboo chick. It is an eastern style skin, so lovely. I think the eyes are great and the mouth too. You can also try the Lucky Boards in their store.

SHOES ! Boy do I love shoes ! These ones AND the bags are a group gift by DUH. Bags come in gold and silver (chain)

And these ones are NOT FREE, but I was wearing them with a lot of the outfits that are coming next so I did want to show them to you. They are by FM shoes. FM shoes does have a few free items in store though...look below. The pair on the left is from the DIMH. Find the diamond in the store.

And now Ydea. I jumped over to their store because of a note I got and WOW I was stunned by all the gifts they have in store. I am not even going to blog ALL because there are too many. Join the group and take the group gifts you like.

Happy shopping ladies !!!

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