Sunday, April 10, 2011

hair, skins, clothes...what more do we need?

Today I am going to start with hair, lots of it.
A&A has lots of midnight mania boards and also a voting present in their store.
Carlotta is the voting gift.
And you can find a few of the midnight mania boards here: Jesse, Jolynn, Lindsey, Onara, Tamarra.


This hair is a freebie at Rue d'Antibes, the store is called Raspberry. Comes in all colors :)

The next hair is by Dr. Life and it is a present in the FSP hunt. You have to find an easter egg.

These skins are a group gift at LaVie. They are like real life and the make up is sooo great. Joining the group is free (check notices to get the skins)

And these skins are by Mamboo chick. There are 5 lucky boards in the store, there is one freebie skin as an opening gift and when you join the group you get 2 more skins :)

OK the FSP hunt...WOW there are so many great shops participating in this hunt. I got so many elegant, cute, funny or sexy outfits. How about this one? It is by Finesmith and you also get the great necklace to go with the dress. (find the easter egg)

And this one? It is by Purple Moon and it is to die for :) (find the easter egg)

OK one more? This one is by Purple Moon, a free gift in the store, black box on the table

Last one for today is by YayGee (watch it, this egg is 10 L$)...and I am soooo tired of shopping and unpacking :) Last easter egg for you to find for today :) and I am going to relax :)

Happy shopping ladies :)

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