Saturday, April 2, 2011

I like red from the moment I wake up till I go back to bed.

There are just days I want to wear RED. And because I have that urge I hope you like red too. The next items are all red, and it is not only my hair :)

I got these great capris from Prozak and the top which you can wear in different colors from VA Creations. The hair is by Edelstore and it is called Melanie (costs you 1 L$) and the belt I simply couldn't resist at KKBB but it is 5 L$. Wearable with a lot of outfits though. Finally I got the cute tote bag at KKBB too for 1 L$. Shoes by BabyMonkey (blogged before).

Then I found this simply red dress at Bewitch. Isn't it cute? The Rock n rose necklace comes in black or red and I found it HERE for 1 L$.

I got the next dress at VA Creations. It is a polka dot dress and comes in all colors, but as I am making a RED blog today I am only showing you the red one. Doesn't it make you feel like playing 50th music and wear white socks and just dance all day?

I am wearing it with zipped flats which I found here as a fatpack (only showing the red, but believe me you never have to buy new flats anymore, so many colors inside the pack). You can style the dress with the bracelets I found here.

This sexy lingerie is actually a christmas gift, but I love red...ok I said that before...but I DO ! So I wanted to wear red lingerie too.
And you can find it HERE if you like to wear it too.

Another lovely linderie ste I found at BDR. It is called UNWRAP ME, no clue why...? The hair I am wearing is called Coral and it is by BDR too.Necklace blogged above.

OK over to the pants and tops...These capri pants are by Prozak again and the lovely flower top is by Divinity. The top is 1 L$. The sexy knee high boots are by Ohne Mia and you find them HERE. I am wearing hair by Curious Kitties.
The flower necklace is by Curious Kitties too. 

 The next tops are by RDG. It is a Red dog baseball shirt and a Red Dog hockey shirt, I am wearing them with baggy capris by Titus Yoshikawa (1 L$)
and with the red star leggings by Fokyo and they are 1 L$.

The las items are gowns which I found. The first one is by Creative Design and you can wear it either long or short. It will cost you 1 L$

You can style it with the lovely jewelry by Milady.

The next one is black and red striped and it is made by Hotaru.

The next dress is made by Inspired and it is called Flawless :)
The lovely flower necklace is by Curious Kitties.

This lovely and very sexy dress is made by LCD. It is quite sexy...hmmm love the style.

I am wearing a skirt by Cuba design with the former dress. I expected there to be a top in the package too, but it was only a skirt to my surprise.
And this is the last dress for today ladies.


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