Friday, April 8, 2011

WOW what a GOWN

Today I have something special. It is free, but not available yet.
Let me explain. Saschas design group has ALMOST reached 15.000 members.
When this number has been reached all group members will get this GREAT gown.
Joining the inworld group (not the subscribo !) will cost you 50 L$ BUT you will get a free dress or gown every month AND you will get all (43 !!) previous monthly gowns too.
Now be honest, where can you get 44 (inclusing the 15.00 member gown) outfits for 50 L$?
So join as fast as you Saschas design.

 The dress has many skirt options, from a long train till a sleek elegant mermaid look. Or you can go for the lovely swooshy skirt.

And now on with the skins I found today.
The first set is from EOS (Edge of Sanity) and it is a gift from the NSA hunt. You have to find the white dolly box.

The next skin is from the M&M hunt and it is by AT design. You have to find the pink flower.

AT Design has 2 gifts in store for the M&M Hunt, if you find the second flower you will get this summer dress with roses on it. Love it, makes me long for long sunny days :)

This skin is also from the M&M hunt, but you have to find the pink flower at Coco and Wolf.

The next skin is from the Kiyomizu Spring Hunt. You have to find a naughty cat that hides all over the place. Most items in this shop are 1 L$ and they also have a lucky board, from which I got a second skin (on the right). The shop is called Lemon.

I found a few more cats and this is what I got.
At Green Tea Pudding I got these lovely sandals from the cat. The tops are freebies in the Green tea Pudding store. The lovely necklaces are also a hunt item, this one is by Little Cat Japan.

The next shop in the Kiyomizu Spring hunt was M Motion and this is what the cat in their store gave me. (you have to look UP to find the cat)
I got another skin with outfit in the NSA hunt. It might not be the skin you expect....Outfit and skin are by Beauty Killer. You have to find the white dolly box. There is an extra bloody face make up in the box too and a cuddle bear too.

The last skin is a skin you get together with a dolly outfit at the Dolly Mall. They have lots of MM boards and I got this outfit from one of those boards.
Comes with 2 skirt options and with the key.

Devicious has a lovely gift in store. Very sexy too :) and the boots come with the clothes.

The next outfit is from the MM board at Divalicious.
I found another MM board at the American Bazaar and YAY it closed, so I got this top and

The last item I found in the NSA hunt is the next one. It is by Weird design and you have to find the white dolly box. The hair is by BDR (blogged before, from their MM board)

Bleh has put a lot of items in their store up for 0, 1 or 2 L$ so if you are looking for a nice tee, skirt or flats ..hop over to Bleh and go get it.

Last one for today is Grumble. They have 5 lucky boards in the shop on the ground floor and another 15 or so on the first floor (to avoid confusion between US and European floors: these mini mania boards are UP the stairs)
There are also 3 lucky chairs. The gifts on the MM boards are always GREAT ...this time I got this lovely jeans jacket and these cute tops/dresses.
The necklace is an older gift by Logo (no longer available).

Happy shopping ladies :)

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