Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finally shoes

The last days I couldn't find any great free shoes in SL but HEY today I found a few :) So let's start with the shoes:
These very funny shoes are by NC Paris. You get them for putting their shop in your pics, together with the red sandals. The sneaker high heels are color change, the socks change color and the shoes too so you can adjust them to your favorite colors :)

NC Paris has many free gifts in their store so go get them while you are there and take your time to look around. They have really nice design :)

The cute half pants are by Kloka from their lucky board.

The shirts are free, so is the color change Ipod.

Anklet .

I got more shoes from Mary Jane Shoes. They are a group gift in their store.

The next shoes are by Amuse. They are from the Taste of the 50th hunt and you have to be quick because the hunt is closing today !!!
I am wearing the sneakers with the tee and pants I got at BAIT, also in the Taste to the 50th hunt (find the record). And yes, you are seeing it right: I am smoking...

Bait also has a very cute and sexy free Easter top at their store which I styled again with te Kloka pants. Pasties are not included.

The Stash Bash hunt, where you have to find a stash bag, is almost over too and I found this elegant dress with a lovely tote bag at The Sea hole from that hunt. Shoes are a new (not free) release by BabyMonkey.

Also participating in the Stash Bash hunt is Snatch. They give away this very 60th hippy dress with the backpack. Reminds me of Woodstock :)

To wear with this hippy dress the hair by Alli&Ali design is actually much better, but I took the pics before I got it from their MM board :)

Style by Kyra has all their hunt items in one spot AND a freebie is there too. They give away great skins, but also a few lovely outfits and necklaces. Most hunts close on april 30th so you have to be fast to get the items you want.


The last shoes are by DUH and they are a group gift The white booties) and a gift from the lucky board at DUH (the boat shoes).

DUH also has some cute 1 L$ jewelry, the black pearls or the beautiful yellow stone necklace, earrings and bangles.

And these very cute boots are a gift by Heartsick. I thought they only had skins, but I got this lovely group gift from the Heartsick group. Join group and check notices. But while you are at the shop: take a look at the lucky never know :)

These 2 lovely outfits are by QQ Fashion. A sweet pink jacket and skirt and a lovely dark blue evening gown :)

The last one for today, a lovelly white wedding gown in honor of the royal UK wedding yesterday. It is a gift by Graffitiwear, and comes with shoes and jewelry so you can all feel like a princess :)

Happy shopping ladies !!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Sexy outfits, elegant outfits, casual outfits and HAIR !!! Lots of it!!!

Today I am going to start with a very elegant super dress. It is by KWZ and it is free.  I love the detailed top of the dress, it is sooo well made !!! The jewelty is by WML.
The sim at KWZ is very well made and worth to explore, so take your time to take a look around and enjoy.

I got a new group gift by Elegant Epiphany (join group and check notices). WOW she made a GREAT skirt...high waist, just the way I like it. Thank you so much for this great gift Kex. I styled the skirt with a top by JANE (free) and a lovely necklace which was DUH (`still available !).

The next top is by Ribbons and I got it from their lucky board. The pants are a gift from Urban Wearz (MM board). The sneakers are a new release by BabyMonkey.

I hopped over to Seldom Blue. They always have such lovely design...and I found this very nice dress in blue and pink. It is a gift in the BSC hunt (find the LOW sign)

Seldom Blue also has this GREAT dollarbie in their store (1 L$).

Over to the HAIR.
Beautifull Dirty Rich has a new release: the XENA hair at their store. It comes in many colors and even two toned. I am showing you just a few colors.

I got the XENA hair also from their MM board. It is in black and purple.

But there is also a free version available at their FREE wall...only in black.

A&A has their Anastasia hair as a group gift this week.

And A&A has Kimba as a voting gift :)

On Marketplace you can find Kimba too, but in a different shade, for 1 L$.

Also on Marketplace you can get the Anastasia hairdo for 1 L$.

And Minka is on Marketplace too..also 1 L$.

You can find this lovely hairdo, name is Ninnette there too, also for 1 L$.

Paulina is also available on Marketplace for 1 L$.

I got this hairdo, called Angela from the MM board at StilEcht.

And the last one for today is this hair, called Kitty. I got it from the MM board at the main store.

Happy shopping ladies !!!