Thursday, April 28, 2022

YES !! Finally a new blog post!!!

 Good Morning Readers!!

Yes can you believe it? A new bog post!
My chemo ended and I feel much better. So I am trying to do some great blog posts for you all.
Today just 2 stores on my blog but ALL hair and ALL outfits and even some of the jewelry is FREE.

I am wearing the Bella head by LOGO which comes with all HUDS.
There is a new head each month for just 300 L$ for group members. 
It comes WITHOUT the HUD, but if you have the HUD already from a previous purchase it works for ALL heads.
This month there is a lovely FEMALE 300 L$ group head (the group is free to join).
WITH HUD the heads are each 1295 L$, again you only have to buy the HUD once.
The make up is from the HUD which comes with the head.

* And with these heads I am wearing a Adventure skin (the BoM version) in a beautiful walnut skin tone.
It is by 7 Deadly s[K]ins.
I am also using the Freckle & Moles pack by 7 Deadly s[K]ins today.

* The beautiful eyes are by No Shirt Sherlock. They are called Vermeer eyes, single colours are 99 L$ - a fat pack with 14 colours is 450 L$.
They come with a HUD that changes the size of the eyes.
There is one pair of eyes by No Shirt Sherlock on Marketplace for free (amethyst colour).
* Let me start with the 2 stores you need to get to to get the free outfits and hair.
Scandalize has an outlet with lots of fat packs in all styles!
They are ALL FREE you only need to join their FREE group and just click the group member signs on the vendors.
All outfits come with huge huds, I am only showing you a few examples.
This first lovely spring dress is called Angelic and it is just so cute!!
Pick your favorite colour. What he heck! Pick ALL your favorite colours!
This dress fits Maitreya, Belleza, Legacy, and the HUD gives you plenty options.

* Over to the hair store with over 50 free hair styles! 
It is Tram hair and you do not even need to join a free group to get the free hair!
There is a sign saying GIFTS with pictures of all the hairs. 
A small powder puff box is next to them, just click it. 
And each hair comes in a fat pack with many colours.
The hair is Non rigged but you can change the colour in edit which gives you even more options to wear it.
I am wearing the Tram C607 hair, which I coloured in Edit.
Below you will see more examples of the hairs.

* The lovely citrine bangles are by Alehandrita Design and they are FREE on Marketplace.
* And this outfit is called Olivia. You get the dress and the scarf and the included HUD gives you plenty plain and striped options to choose from.
This outfit fits Maitreya, Belleza and Legacy and you can find it at the Scandalize Outlet

* The gorgeous Sapela Sandora necklace is by Luminesse. It is 200 L$ and comes in several colours. The earrings are included.
* This Kleine outfit is again available at 
the Scandalize Outlet
It fits Maitreya, Belleza, and Legacy and the included HUD is again filled with zo many great options it will make you feel you have a whole new wardrobe.

* The fun plastic necklace is by M's Avon and it is free on Marketplace.
The necklaces can be colour changed in edit.
* I promised you more info about the Tram hair hairs....well here are a few options. Each pack comes in several colours and you can also change the colour in edit.
The hairs are unrigged but you can move them.

HAPPY SHOPPING LADIES !!! (feels so good to be able to type this again)