Thursday, February 19, 2015

Why isn't there a blog today?

Dear Readers,
Today just 2 outfits...2 pajamas by Slumber. They are from their 4 Midnight Mania boards and I will need them the next week...please keep reading. ONE board is NO group, the other 3 are group boards, the group is free to join.
Some of you already know that I had health problems over the last months.

End of September I was diagnosed with cancer. There was a tumor discovered, low in my intestines.
A period of tests and visiting hospitals followed and after that a period of 5 weeks, each day with radiation treatment and chemo.
Now a period of 12 weeks waiting and getting my strenght back comes to an end. In this period the chemo and radiation were still active and both shrank the tumor 25%.

This week I will get surgery and the tumor will be removed.
So it is kinda hard for me to blog as you can understand.

I know I will think of you all a lot in hospital and I hope you will think of me and include me in your prayers, or send me your energy and good wishes.

I hope to be back soon with new energy to blog for you all.

Kind regards,

Roodvosje Rosse

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Great SALE !!

WoW skins has their 3rd anniversary today and they celebrate with a 55% off SALE! Don't miss out on it!
You can find the sale items at the WoW skins mainstore.

A giant post about Ricielli and LaVian.

Morning Readers,
Today a lot of picture son my blog but just 2 stores to visit.
Well 3 more if you want the hair, skin and jewellery too. But still...lots of pictures of great outfits.
Let me start with Ricielli. They have a huge 15 L$ sale of all their previous group gifts. They are all on the floor of the store and there is a board at each hunt with on it what hunt gifts are on 15 L$ offer. I will show you below a few items I got, but there are many more, ranging from pants, shoes, dresses to skins and accesoires.
The skin I am wearing is Olga Darktan by WoW skins. I blogged this skin extensively yesterday HERE. Olga is available at the With Love Fair.
The elegant hair is by Lelutka and it is a free colour sample pack called Sheena.
This first dress is form the Ricielli Christmas hunt and it is gift #3. The beautiful jewellery is by Lazuri and it is a new release. This set is called LuceMia set. It comes in a pearls and an opals version and at the moment you get a 50% discount on this set. The sets come with bracelets, hair Jewels, earrings, necklace and rings and all is colour changes, the metal, the Pearls, the small gems (in 3 different ways). The complete set (Pearls and Opals) is at the moment 949 L$. However there is a limited edition on offer of this set which is just 349 L$ and you can find that set here LAZURI.
And this is from the New Years hunt, the pants are #10 and the jacket is #19 and both come in 3 colours. Remember: 15 L$ per hunt gift. The shoes are from the World Cup hunt #13 and they are for SLINK HIGH feet. You get a huge fat pack of these studded pumps. The bags are from the Easter Hunt, #15 and you get 2 versions with and without pose.
I am wearing the same pants with lovely knotted blouses which are from the Valentines Hunt #1. They come in 5 colours.
Over to LaVian. It was LivGlam before and they closed their store and their group (which had an enrollment fee of 350 L$). The new LaVian group was free to join for a while, but they charge you 199 L$ at the moment. However, there are 3 GROUP Midnight Mania Boards and 5 Lucky boards. The 2 outfits below are from the MM boards at LaVian.
I am wearing the LuceMia jewellery set by Lazuri again with these dresses below. You can perfectly see how the set is colour change and adjustable to each outfit you are wearing.
The outfits below are all GROUP GIFTS by Lavian. If you cannot find them at the store, do an area search for GIFT and you will find all.
These SLINK HIGH shoes are from the Midnight Mania Board at MonaLisa.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Looking for a new look?

Hello Readers!
Strangely enough, after taking the pictures for todays blog and adjusting them in Photoshop I realised that todays blog is perfect for those of you that are looking for a  new look. WoW skins has an awesome new skin, called Olga, which you can find at the With Love Fair. And Lelutka has perfect free hair (a colour sample, but great to wear) in all thinkable colours.
And to go with that new look I found a few nice free outfits too.
So here goes...the new skin by WoW skins. This lovely Olga skin comes in 5 skin tones and each skin tone has 5 make up version and a natural version on which you can add all your favorite make up layers. As it is a new release it is not free, but look at the pictures and go get a DEMO to see how it looks on your avatar, and you will be sold! You can find this awesome skin at the With Love Fair.
I am wearing Caramel hair with this skin, which is by Elikatira (NOT free- they are having a sale at  the moment and the colour packs are 99 L$ each)
And the freckle layers are by Glamorize, they are 5 L$ on Marketplace.
Then I found this colour sample hair at Lelutka. Well actually someone from the SL Frees & Offers group teleported me there and I forgot her sorry! But I am very grateful because this hair is awesome. It is called Sheena and it comes with so many colour change huds that I could not even try them all. I am just showing you a few examples below. All huds have a plain version and a faded version and both have a rooted version too.
Over to B!asta. They have a Midnight Mania board which I clicked when I picked up the lovely Valentines day gifts B!asta has at their entrance. And I got this elegant dress/blouse from that board. The dress comes with a colour change HUD.
And to wear with this dress you could decide to hop over to M's Avon to get their newest gift. You get this lovely cupid necklace in gold and silver for free.
The elegnat nail polish is by DMZ and you get a set with 10 colours for 98 L$. The nails are called 10 Shades of Passion. This nail polish comes with appliers for SLINK and Maitreya.
Finesmith also has a great group gift, this necklace. Joining their group is free.
Finally I went to Heydra. They have a question mark board with fun tops, 3 Midnight Mania boards and 5 Lucky chairs. I got several tops from the quesion mark board and a lovely dress and sexy lingerie from the Midnight Mania boards. Look below!