Sunday, April 24, 2011

Group gifts, hunt items and EASTERBUNNIES

Everywhere you turn in SL you find easter hunts. You either have to find bunnies, eggs or more bunnies or other eggs.
Some hunts are announced with: gifts, presents etc. And when you get to the shop you have to pay for each item. I have been wondering why shop owners do not mention you have to PAY...would be a lot less lag if they did.
Anyway...I want to THANK all shop owners and designers for their generous EASTER gifts. I wish you all a very happy sunny EASTER.

Finesmith has 2 lovely gifties in their shop for the group members. How about these GREAT earrings? Or the lovely necklace? Thank you so much Finesmith !

Embyrs Inferno is participating in the WHIZ hunt. You have to find a purple flower but if you do you get these GREAT shoes !

Temptation is also participating in the WHIZ hunt and you get a very sexy red dress if you find the purple flower :)

Find the same flower at New Yorks Finest and you get ripped jeans and a top AND a naughty version of the top too (pasties not included).

HerBerry is participating in the WHIZ hunt (find the purple flower) but also in a lot of other hunts. And they have a gift in their store too. So here goes:

Gift at the entrance of the store (also 2 MM boards there)

WHIZ hunt:

Wicked hunt (find the skull)

Easter Madness hunt (find egg):

Happy Birthday Hunt (find the blue elephant):

JTEH hunt (find the egg):

M&M hunt (find the pink flower)

SLDID hunt (find wedding rings):

Pee Wee Bow tie hunt (find the red bow)

Evil Bunny hunt (find the red bunny)

The Robot hunt (find a blue round thing, wrench I think)

Unicornio hunt (find a box with an unicorn on it)

The VRDH hunt (find a water droplet)

The TEBH hunt (find egg)

SF designs has a lovely gift at their store: a bracelet with a color fading flower on it.
And they participate in the Taste of the 50th hunt, if you find the record you get this GREAT dress.

Blue Blood has a crazy gift at their store. You get a box which says WEAR ME...and when you do...well look for yourself :)
But inside the crazy head you find the pink dress....

OK last one for today is Adonis. They have 3 eggs on the table for you and in those eggs is

Happy shopping ladies :)

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