Sunday, February 27, 2011

I see GREEN... dresses, green boots, green shoes, green hair, green jewelry...all kinds of green stuff. So today it will be a green blog. Lets get started.

The first green things are my hair from A&A (the hair is a 1L$ item) and the blindfold by POSTAL (which is free). I also got very nice green eyes. They are by Xline.

Then I got this lovely green floral dress, it is by W&T. This also will set you back 1 L$.

Plunge also has a lovely floral dress. Not quite green, but ALMOST green :) The cute hat also is by Plunge.

At the Plunge store I also found this great cocktail dress.

Plunge has some really sexy things. What do you think about this latex outfit?

Or this great catsuit with pawprints? Both latex outfits come in all colors.

The pumps I am wearing with the dresses and gowns are by Plunge too. It is also a fatpack with all colors inside.
Talking about sexy: I also found some GREAT green lingerie. WOW ...the first one is by Badoura (it will set you back 1 L$) and I am wearing Pasties with them...yes you see it right: they are clovers for St. Patrick day :) They cost you 1 L$ but you also get free nails to go with them :)

The other lingerie I found is by Jaqueline.

And I found these very cute things to wear on your head. They send out clovers, I am wearing them just for the Irish.

The next set is also called lingerie, I thought it was a cute dress though. Well you can decide what it is and how you want to wear it :) Saucy Lingerie costs 1 L$.
This dress by Sassy (it is a gift from the VVVH hunt) is soo sexy. I am wearing it with a belt by KKBB and a necklace I got as a group gift from this group: (check notices) Annoying Japanese Children. The shop is called Happy Finds.

Over to the next green stuff. I found a very nice set of pants with tops. They included a white Tee with some text on it.
The whole set is also 1 L$.

Folden has these cute capri pants. They set you back 1 L$. I am wearing them with JD star shoes and with GF tops. I am wearing the green striped top but you also get a blue one.

The next pants are pants from the green evening gown I am blogging later. I am wearing the pants with a top by KKBB and a cute straw hat. The hats come in several colors.

I am wearing the shiny green pants with a lovely floral top. The top is by MB creations. The necklace is by Happy finds (see above, join group check notices)

OK the blog is getting too big. So I will just post one more thing which is not green. But it is a dollarbie which you can ONLY get today (sunday 27th) and I didn't want to waste this one. It is a lovely dress by Petunia.

Next green stuff you can see tomorrow :)

Happy shopping ladies.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I will be away for a few days

RL is asking my attention and as you all know: RL comes first. I will be away till sunday, but I just wanted to give you one snack till then. Blue Blood has some awesome freebies in their store. Look below ladies ;)





These sexy tops come in different colors. Just showing the black one. It's a fatpack.

From the lucky chair.
Take care and enjoy shopping. See you on sunday.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brown and green days turn into spring.

If you are wondering what I mean with the title ...I got loads of brown and green clothes and hair...but also a lovely easter outfit...
Pay attention: most of it is from Marketplace and MOST are dollarbies, which means you have to pay 1 L$ for the item. So before buying check if you really want it for 1 L$ *giggles*.

I got this very cute dress by Jaqueline HERE. And the thigh high boots by Thalia HERE. The shorts are by Edge Grafica and so is the belt with the bag. The cute brown hair is by T&S and found HERE. The cute necklace is found HERE. And last but not least the lovely skin is by Victoria and found HERE.

This cutie is a group gift by Sabbia and also brown. So are the (non free) slouchy boots by BabyMonkey.

OK this is not brown...but green. The cute pants I found HERE at Prozak and the jeans overall skirt with the green scarf I found HERE.

The next cute brown outfits are by Katherina Infinity and I found the leopard one HERE and the brown feather one HERE.


Back to the brown days...and the brown clothes. Next stuff is all by Edge Grafica. I will put the LM to each piece of clothing below.

Top without sleeves HERE.
Short tops in all colors HERE.
Short jeans HERE.
Choker HERE.
Scarf HERE.
Pants HERE.
Cute hair with tail HERE.
Belt with bag HERE.
Boots HERE.

The next outfit is in brown too and I LOOOOVE the BIG BIG hair :) *giggles*

This cute pants set with sweater is by VS and found HERE.

Yet another cute brown outfit. Very sexy too. You have seen it above but not with the hair like this :) I found the dreadlock hair HERE.

The next cute dress is by T&S. I found it HERE. Comes with the necklace.

AND YES YES YES Spring is almost is almost EASTER and I feel like a BUNNY. The outfit is by Thalia. YAY I feel like skipping through the grass :)

Happy hopping ladies ( no that wasn't a typo)

Monday, February 21, 2011

The sun is shining, not outside but in my heart :)

And what is more important ladies, the sun shining outside or shining in your heart? I am happy I found so many lovely freebies again for you all and I can't wait to present them to you. So lets start with Lemania. They have a few hunts going on and what you get are these lovely elegant gowns.
First one is from the WRTB hunt and it is an elf outfit with very beautiful wings. You are looking for a rose.

The next one is from the ILSLF hunt and now you are looking for a purple thingy (I don't know what it is called, look at the hunt board in the shop to see what I mean).

Last one is from the MAH hunt.

The next lovely gown is a dollarbie (1 L$) at Donna Flora and next to it are the matching shoes. Lovely for Easter :)

This next dress just blew me away. WOW what a sexy elegant and perfectly made dress. Thank you so much Morea, they give it to their group members.

Pesca gives away a green skirt on their MM board and a black skirt and 2 different leggings as a gift in the store. I blogged it before, but I wanted to show you how you can mix and match items. The scarf, the sweaters and the bag are blogged before. The sweaters by Vicarious Vitea, the bag by Coco, the scarf by Topaz Square, the boots by BabyMonkey (was a Halloween gift).

I hopped over to Bee Make but I wasn;t lucky at their lucky boards (there are 6 in the store). I got their group gifts though :)  I love the kiss mark on my cheek which sends out little hearts :) Pants, bag and boots group gifts by Coco (blogged before)

Bubblez has a few new items in their Lucky Boards and this is what I got:

Paradiso shopping has 2 slap and dash boards and I got these 2 lovely outfits.
 Ragdolls has 2 MM boards and I slapped both. Turned out that one item looks very much like the one I blogged a few days ago, with the very pale skin. I still wanted to show don't complain you have seen it before :)

This lovely necklace and ring and earrings set is from a MM board I found HERE. I also got this lovely bracelet with hearts from the Lucky Chair.

And now for something I hardly ever blog: a bikini. This one is from BSN and they have a few LB and MM board.

Last one to blog for today is the lovely lingeree from Voluptia. It is an item from the TVDH hunt.
Happy shopping ladies !