Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Going for that tough look?

Hi readers,
Today I am going for a more tough look. Not really my style you think? Well...take a look and decide after if it suits me :) I stood a while at AnD and they have quite a lot of lucky chairs and they also have a Guess and win board with question marks, where you can win some fab prices. Look below what I got there is just a short time! Everything is included, shoes, boots, and jewellery!

I got one more, Magical Glitter, from the guess and win boards. However I think there is an Alpha layer missing for the shoes. Decide for yourself, I took a picture of the actual photo too.

I also went to Starport Omega. Which is a great place to be ladies! It is a great Space ship, very well build. And it has a club inside to dance and just meet new people and have fun. But that has not much to do with my blog :) However they have a great complete avatar, with 3 hair tones, clothes, skin & shape. Even the shoes are included. This avatar is called Hippie Chick and it is free.
My last find are some awesome booties I found on Marketplace. They are called Vanessa boots and they are by Paint on Marketplace. You have to pay 1 L$ to won these booties.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Break Festival, Designer Circle #59 and a great SKIN sale

Morning Readers,
Today just 2 places to go to: The Summer Break Festival, which runs till August 4th and the Designer Circle round #59, which also runs till August 4th. Just 4 days to go over there and get the things you like! let me start with the Designer Circle. In this Circle a lot of great designers offer one or more of their designs for 100 L$ or less. Which means you can fill your inventory with great design for a very low price!
How about this romper by Eyelure? Does it appeal to you? To wear on the beach, to wear on those hot summer days? it is available at the Designer Circle in 4 great colours for just 99L$ per romper. It is called OhBaby and just adorable!
The lovely jewellery is the Queen of Hearts set by Lazuri. You can find it in their sales department for just 150 L$. And it is colour change, which means you can change the metal and the gems to match it with all your outfits!
I am wearing this Queen of Hearts set with the fun summer dress Baboom has at the Designer Circle. This sweet dress in red is called Coco and it is just 100 L$.
The great hair is by Miss C and it is called Andy. You can find a fat pack of this hair at the Designer Circle for 100 L$.
The next dress is called Chantal and it is by Mu-Shi-Doll. You can find this dress in two colours at the Designer Circle for just 95 L$.
The hair is by Miss C and it is called Helen. This hair is available at the Designer Circle in a fat pack for 100 L$.
The last dress from the Designer Circle for today is a sexy leather one, which is by BlahBLAHblah. This dress is available in 3 great colours, black, blue and brown and it is very form fitting, so watch the chocolate ladies and the French fries! The dress is called Sidney and it is available for 75 L$ per dress at the Designer Circle. The fat pack of all 3 dresses is 199 L$ !
The lovely necklace I am wearing is the Turtle necklace by Pink Cherry. They offer it at the Designer Circle for just 70 L$.
I always love new poses, and YAY at the Designer Circle you can find these great poses by Co*Motion. They are called Summer Time poses and you get all for just 100 L$! Co*Motion also has a great set of PETITE poses available at the Designer Circle.
Now if you are wondering where that SKIN & SHAPE SALE is...Pink Cherry is retiring all their skins and shapes. You get a discount up to 50% on all their lovely skins and shapes and they will be removed from the store after the sale. This sale runs till August 31st, so don´t wait too long to get one of those great skins and/or shapes ladies! At PINK CHERRY ladies.
Over to the Summer Break festival. This festival is being held on the Feeb's Rascals Sim. Lots of designers have a stall there where they offer their design for 100 L$ or less. BUT....almost each stall has a floatie and you can buy it for 1, 5 or 10 L$. There are a lot of floaties for free...and I am showing you the free ones. Inside each floatie you will find a great gift. If you have no idea what a FLOATIE is...THIS is it...
Like this lovely Daisy dress, which is hidden inside the floatie at the stall by Sexy Peach. The lovely jewellery is by Lazuri and it is their Spring set (not free). You can wear the necklace long or short and the whole set is colour change by touch, so you can adjust it to all your outfits!
The next dress is by BN dresses and accessoires. You have to find their stall and get that floatie to get this great fun dress.
Of course you need a summer hat while walking around on this Summer Break festival! If you find the floatie at GDF this lovely hat with flowers is yours.
The lovely earrings I am wearing with this hat are by N@N@ and they are called Glam Earrings. It is their gift in the floatie.
Another pair of earrings is hidden inside the floatie by Ruby. They are called Summer hoot earrings. I love the owls :)
There is some more jewellery to be found at the Summer Break Festival! This sexy belly piercing is the gift by Likka House in their floatie!
And AZE Design has these lovely star fish necklaces hidden inside their floatie from the Summer Break Festival!
I found the floatie for 0 L$ at the stall from Insufferable Dastard too and wow I got these perfect light blue Mermaid eyes! Aren't they to die for?
Last find for today is the great tattoo which is hidden by CAKE inside their floatie! The tattoo is called Fairy tattoo and I think I know you?

Monday, July 29, 2013

Skin, hair, jewellery and the Designer Circle #59.

Hi there readers,
Today I am going to start with the Second Life Fashion week. A lot of designers present their new designs there, but as I am a WoW skin blogger, I want to show you the lovely new Theresa skin & shape by WoW Skins. This skin is available at the Second Life Fashion Week for 250 L$, including all appliers you might need. This elegant skin comes in the milk tone. A set of great make-up is available for just 150 L$.
The freckles layer I am wearing with this skin is NOT included. It is an older layer by Glamorize, no longer available.
There is still a summer sale going on at WoW skins, which means a lot of great skins are marked down from 30 to 70 %!
The lovely jewellery I am wearing is the En Tournant set by Lazuri, which is not free. However this set is colour change by touch, which means you can adjust the colour of the metal and gems to match your outfit just by touching them.
Then I got this great new skin at Hotstuff and this skin is called Regina and the skin tone is Nutmeg. This skin is NOT free, but a lovely skin to wear!
Then I got this great new group gift at M's Avon. Joining the group is free and you get a lovely necklace, earrings and a lovely clutch to wear with your elegant gowns. M's Avon has many previous group gifts available too. I blogged them HERE.
The gown I am wearing here is by Pink Cherry and it is available at the Designer Circle till August 4th for just 90 L$. It is also available in red and black.
I found some more great stuff at the Designer Circle ladies. How about this sexy red outfit by GraffitiWear? It is available at the Designer Circle for 95 L$ and there is a beautiful jewellery set by GraffitiWear on offer too for 95 L$.  The lovely up do is by Miss C and it is called Helen. For 100 L$ you get a fat pack of this great hair at the Designer Circle.
Phoebe has these sweet wrist bands in blue or pink at the Designer Circle for  99 L$ per set either in blue or pink.
If you are wondering where I got that great black hair I am wearing above: Alli & Ali hair has this lovely hair for free in their MARKETPLACE store.  However: The offers on MARKETPLACE are just temporarily, so don't wait too long to go grab them!
The hair is called Laurie and the tone is blackberry. You can take a closer look at the lovely Theresa skin & shape which is available at the Second Life Fashion Week. The skin is a new release by WoW skins.
Another hair do that is free is this one by Alli & Ali hair. This hairdo is also available in their Marketplace store and it is called Kaya purple.
And this hairdo is called Loreen and the tone is Brunette. It is free in the Alli & Ali Marketplace store.
Last one from the Alli & Ali Hair Marketplace store is this Brian hair for the guys. Free gentlemen....and great to wear! And ladies....if you look below...I am wearing the Brian hair too and it looks pretty good on me too!
Alli & Ali hair have great GROUP gifts and VOTING gifts too. For the VOTING gifts you just vote for one of the hair styles that are displayed in their MAINSTORE. The gifts change every Friday at noon, so go get them while they are there!
For GROUP members there is another bonus: if you are wearing your group tag at the special ACTION WALL you get a 50% discount on the hairs displayed there!