Saturday, April 16, 2011

How about a mouselook?

Hello ladies, are you ready for some weekend shopping? I found some more shoes in my inventory and loads of hair. And ofcourse a few get your shopping bag and find the TP button...
This cute hood with hair is from the lucky boards at IZM. YAY I finally got how do you like my mouselook?

Then I decided to go over to Savoir hair, mainly because a new arriver asked me where to get good cheap hair...and at Savoir the hair is free or will cost you only 1 L$. I found a few new styles from great designers, so if you are in need of a new hairdo...Savoir is an option.

This hair is by MAJ's MEJ's at Savoir.

This hair is by Hairy Situations, you get more colors of each kind of hair. I'm not showing all.

This hair is by Curious Kitties (one color)

And this one is by Bizarre (also one color)

This one is by The UNeek, you also get the clothes with the hair.

Sirena has this hair for you at Savoir.

I got some more hair by A&A, they have the curled hair as a voting present and the Rapunzel hair is from their MM board. The outfit is a new release by Saschas design.

BDR also has hair on their MM board (I know, I blogged it before, but their other MM has a new item which I am showing too). So ilke I said: the outfit is on their other MM board :)

I also got hair at RaySkin, they have many lucky boards in the store and I got this outfit with the hair from one of them.

The shoes I forgot yesterday are the shoes I got from BabyMonkey. They are in the lucky chair and it is worth a wait ladies.

And these very elegant shoes are by Mary Jane Shoes and you get them if you join the group (joining is free).

Then I went to Gizza and got their very sexy group gift :)

And the last shop I went to was AlterEgo. When you enter the store listen to the sound, it is funny :) They have a lot of lucky chairs in the shop, a few MM boards and also lots of freebies on the front counter. I will show you below what I got there.

                    The boots, tattoos and jewelry come with the outfits.

Happy shopping ladies :)

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