Friday, May 29, 2015

Weekend shopping

Hi there readers!
Today on my blog you will find some awesome offers you can find at the Designer Circle. Their current round runs till June 6th so don't wait too long to go grab the great offers you can find there.
You will also find some awesome shoes on my blog today and a sexy outfit including shoes.
So let me start with the Designer Circle. WoW skins is offering their awesome Mika skin at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$ per skin tone. There are 5 tones to chose from and if you might need appliers you can find those at the WoW skins Mainstore.
With this skin I am wearing Sloan hair by Tameless. This hair comes in 3 colour packs (natural. fantasy and fades) and each pack comes with a colour change HUD which changes the colour into 30 different ones. 249 L$ per pack, or 499 L$ for the fat pack with all 3 hairtones.
And GraffitiWear is offering some awesome dresses at the Designer Circle. They are called Slinky Satin dresses and there are 3 colours to chose from. Each one is 95 L$.
The next dress is by Nya's Shop and you can find it at the Designer Circle in 4 different variations. Each one is 75 L$. I just love the dotted ones!
And the elegant shoes I am wearing with the dress above are also on offer at the Designer Circle. They are by Supernatural and they are 99 L$ for the fatpack of all colours.
Urban Cherry also has some awesome shoes on offer at the Designer Circle. These shoes come in 3 colours and they are 99 L$ per pair. Perfect for that tough look you want to create!
Over to the shoes Hucci send out in their subscribo group. Awesome shoes with a hud that changes the colour of the spikes and the soles of the shoes. Just go to the store and find the subscribo. Look in past history.
Another store that has great shoes in their mini mania  board is KC Couture. I got these lovely SLINK HIGH shoes form that board.
And last but not least, Busty Boutique has this awesome outfit on their Midnight Mania Board. The SLINK HIGH shoes are included and you do not need a group, so get your friends over and click away. There are also 3 Lucky chairs available.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

As long as your hair is ok....

Morning Readers!
Get a cup of coffee or tea and sit down for a while because today on my blog you will find a lot of hair. Don't we all hate a bad hair day? Well in SL it is easy: just get some new hair. But there are also a few great outfits on my blog so keep reading!
Let me start with the newest release by Tameless hair. This hair is called Lacy and it is a lovely bob. Tameless hair comes in naturals, fades and fantasy and each pack contains a colour change HUD which changes the hair tone into 30 different ones. 249 L$ for the packs of 30 colours or go for the fatpack with all colours for just 499 L$. Showing you a few examples from the natural pack below.
Then I went to Entwined and they have some awesome group gift hairs. Joining the group is free, so you will get the hair below for free! All the hairs come in many colours, just showing you a few examples below.
And LaLa Moon group is also free to join and they have some awesome group gifts too! Hair, for example, but also a set of nail polish for NON Slink hands and a set of great boots. the hair comes in a lot of colours, just showing you a few examples below.
My next hair find was at RosyMood and this great pig tail hair is on offer for 0 L$. You get a lot of colours.
Over to M's Avon. They have a new group gift out (joining is free). These lovely necklaces are yours if you join their group.
And Bitch heels also has a free to join group. And if you join, get these awesome heels for SLINK HIGH feet as their newest group gift.
Another store with a great Midnight Mania gift is B!asta. Just walk in and click that board ladies and get your friends over to click too....I got this great dress from their board.
My last find is by Bitch Tails. They have 10 Lucky chairs, a questionmark board and two Midnight Mania boards with a low target, which gave me this awesome outfit. The outfits change, so you might get something else.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Just a few snacks for the weekend

Morning Readers,
Still having major health issues ladies, but I wanted to share a few of my finds with you so you can go shoping over the weekend.
Today on my blog everything is free or very cheap. So not much money needed to look great.
Let me start with the newest group gift by B!asta. This group gift (joining is 50 L$) is called This is ME! The lime green version is the newest group gift, but this outfit comes in many lovely colours as a new release too.
B!asta is participating in the Gingham Hunt which runs till May 30th. You are looking for a chekered cube in this hunt and all gifts are free. You can find all info about this hunt HERE.
Now if you can locate that cube at B!asta you will find this sexy top and shorts set inside as a gift! My hint: don't wake the cat!
Then I went to Bitch Tail and clicked their Midnight Mania board (no group needed). I got this sexy black outfit from this board! Just get your friends over and click away ladies!
My next finds are all from Marketplace. I found this lovely white gown by Buttercups for free. It is perfect for those warm summer nights, to go dancing in style with your loved one. And it is free.
And this black & silver dress is by Glaz DeCuir and it is yours for 1 L$. Again a dress to go clubbing in or for an afternoon shopping with your friends.
To wear with the gowns above I found a perfect jewellery set by La Petite Perle. This lovely set is just 1 L$ and it goes perfectly with any of your favorite gowns.
Last but not least this hair do by Over the Moon is free. Lovely long flowy hair, but it only comes for free in purple and it is no modify, so you cannot change the colour.