Sunday, June 30, 2013

Aidoru, the Designer Circle round 57, and some great group gifts.

Hello readers,
My friend Jara (owner and designer of Aidoru) has designed a WOW dress ladies, with matching lovely shoes. She asked me to be her BETA tester and when I put the dress on I was going WOW...I so want that dress! It is not free, but it just made me feel like a vamp! Especially with the great Grace hair by Emo-tions! The dress and shoes are called Jessica and you can find them at Aidoru! The lovely bangles are by Lazuri (former group gift).
Another friend, who is a great designer, is Gaea. She has a new group gift at her store, a lovely elegant gown. It is mesh, but it is stunning. I styled this gown with jewellery by Twishee (no longer available, store closed.) You can find this great gown at ~GL~ shop.
Another group gift is this great hair by Dura. They are celebrating their 3rd anniversary and this is their gift to all group members. The hair is for guys and gals and it comes in many many colours (not showing you all) except in red. So I changed the colour in edit to get my favourite red hair colour. The group is free to join.
Today again a visit at the Designer Circle store. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ and a lot of great Second Life Designers put one or more of their designs their on offer. This 57th round runs till July 6th so don't wait to long to hop over and take a look!
Let me start with the lovely mesh dresses Pink Cherry has on offer at the Designer Circle. They are called Low cut party dress, and they come in 3 great colours. Each colour is 95 L$.
Pink Cherry also has some amazing earrings to wear with these dresses or with any outfit you like. They come in 3 colours too and they are 70 L$ per pair. You can find them at the Designer Circle.
Over to 1 Hundred. They are participating in the Designer Circle too and they have these sweet crochet dresses at the Designer Circle. They come in 4 lovely colours and they are 95 L$ each. The beautiful jewellery I am wearing with these dresses is the Josephine set by Lazuri. Not free, but as you can see the set is colour change and you can adjust it to any colour outfit you are wearing.
I am wearing the same Josephine set with the skins 7 Deadly s{K}ins has on offer at the Designer Circle. These skins are called Gail and you can get a V1 or a V2 version. There is a demo available and Tango appliers are included. Sometimes all a girl needs is her lovely skin and her exquisite jewellery by Lazuri.
I am wearing the Gail skin with the lovely shape Anna shapes has on offer at the Designer Circle. The shape is called Allyson and it is just 80 L$.
Over to GraffitiWear. They have this awesome shredded dress on offer at the Designer Circle. It is just a fun dress to wear this summer in a lovely mustard shade. (75 L$) There is a matching jewellery set available too, which is called Tiger's eye, and this set is 85 L$.

The next dresses are by Pure Poison and you can find them at the Designer Circle. This Gabrielle dress comes in 3 colours and each colour is 99 L$ at the Designer Circle.
If you are wondering which hair I am wearing with the lovely Gabrielle dresses: this is hair by Modern Couture and it is called Karolyne. You get 4 hair tones and it is just 100 L$ at the Designer Circle. The lovely earrings are also by Modern Couture and they are also 100 L$.
Over to Kennedy's. They have an awesome dress on offer at the Designer Circle. I had so much fun playing around with it!! The dress is called Sassy dress, and it is a sassy dress! But the best thing is: the dress is colour change with a hud! Ohhh you can wear ANY colour you like! For 100 L$ it is yours in all colours.
The last find for today is the lovely dress Coco Sands has at the Designer Circle. This dress is called Rosie dress and it has the longer back and shorter front, which you see in all rl shops at the moment. Just a lovely dress which you can get for just 99 L$.
Coco Sands also has a Rosie shape at the Designer Circle and this shape is available for 75 L%.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday evening...

Dear readers,
Saturday evening and what better to do than go shopping for those great 60 L$ offers, for that one special gown on Marketplace, for those cute shoes or just for fun.
Sascha´s Design has some awesome 60 L$ offers this week ladies. There are 3 to chose from: a sexy  mesh dress called Anouk in pink, a great top & pants set called Ambrosia purple, and a pack of 3 great tops to wear with the Ambrosia pants or with your favourite jeans, called Tuttebel tops. Each just 60 L$.

Sascha's Design has a great offer each week. One of their best selling gowns is marked down 50%, which is a great way to get a fab gown for a low price. This week you can get the elegant summer Envy in yellow for just 275 L$. The gown has many options, I am trying to show them all below.
Over to another great gown. This one you can find on Marketplace and this gown is by AAA. The gown is called Blue sash long gown and it is 1 L$. With this gown I am wearing a beautiful choker necklace by Patula's House. It is actually a Christmas gift, but it goes great with any gown (free). 
The next gown is a very special one. It is by Annalee Balut and it is called Lamu  dress. It is 100 L$ but you get 2 skins and all the jewellery with it and many skirt options. A lovely and very special gown.

Then I found a cute top with shorts on Marketplace and this set is by Dark Tendencies and the set is called Dollarbie and that is also the price for this cute outfit: 1 L$. The flats are included.
Another very cute set is this one by Seduced. It is called Ibiza by night and it is free. The cute shoes and the lovely jewellery are included. Even the sunglasses are included!  Isn't that a perfect outfit for summer?

Then I went looking for some summer jeans with cute tops and low and behold I found these ones on Marketplace. They are by JND design and you get a huge pack with many tops and a pair of great capris .... for 0 L$.
The last one I found is this great top by The Gamer. And you won't only get the top, you also get those cute booties with it!! For just 1 L$ ladies, which is a steal! The jeans are from a pack of 2 and they are by Blackburns, called Hiphuggers. The elegant necklace is by Fairy Tail and it is called Antique pendant. The bow is colour change! You can have it for just 1 L$.


Friday, June 28, 2013

Gizza group gifts and LIV-Glam group gifts

Good morning readers.
I will be away for 2 days, having a RL painters workshop. Which means no blogging...but I still had some group gifts lingering in my inventory and they are still available for you too. Just 2 stores today: Gizza and LIV-Glam. I am a member of both groups so I have no idea if joining is still free. But you can decide whether it is worth to join either one group!
Let me start with  LIV-Glam. They have many great group gift and I will just show you below what I got there.


The next stop was Gizza and they have many group gifts for their group members. I am just showing you the last 3 I picked up as I have been blogging the previous group gifts before. The light green outfit at the bottom is actually the MALE April gift...but I am not complaining...