Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last day in 2013...last day Peace on Earth hunt!

Morning readers.
On this last day of the year the Peace on Earth hunt ends. But I still have some awesome gifts to show you from this hunt, so be prepared if you want to get these gifts to visit the stores TODAY!!!
There is a HINT & LINK page available, which is very helpful. In this hunt you are looking for a globe with a white dove on it.
And if you can find that globe at #192 Bitsy Boutique you will get this great dress which you can wear as a sexy little black dress or as a lovely elegant gown!
The skin I am wearing is Donna Tan, cleavage option, make up #4 from WoW skins (NOT free)
The lovely hair is by Tameless and it is called Citrine (ruby) (NOT free).
And the jewellery is by Lazuri, it is their Celeste Heirloom set (NOT free).

Now on the other hand, if you hop over to #178 Grumble, and you can find the hunt globe there, you will get this elegant black & white corset gown. Which is another great addition to your inventory!
I found quite a lot of white gowns in this hunt and  one of them is hidden inside the hunt globe at #118 Cero Style. It is a pleasure to wear this extravagant gown, it moves like birds feathers and you will draw a lot of attention wearing this beauty! The hair flower is included.
I actually found another white gown at #83 Paisley Daisy. This great mesh gown has one bare shoulder and you can style it with your most precious jewellery, like the beautiful new released Eva set by Lazuri (NOT free, the set is 949 L$ but it is totally colour change so you can adjust it to every gown you want to wear it with) 
The next pale blue gown can be found at #62 MASH Fashion. It is actually a skirt and a top, which has that lovely boho feel to it. You can up style it with fancy jewellery and high heels, like I did, or you can wear beaded necklaces and sandals with it and go for a long beach walk! All you have to do is find that globe !
I found some more gowns which are not white or very light. This beauty is by #165 Hudson Clothing. And it is yours if you can locate their hunt globe!
And this elegant MESH gown is the hunt gift at #105 Absolutely Smitten Designs. It is a classy halter gown with a lovely bow detail and the colour suits every skin tone! Come on, go hunting if you like to wear this gown ladies!
Another participant in the Peace on Earth hunt is #147 Faboo. They have this great bikini hidden inside their hunt globe, and even if you live on the side of the earth that has winter at the moment, you will need a bikini as soon as summer starts again!
What is left are two great casual gifts I found. The first lovely dress is by #169 Wilson's clothing and it is just fun to wear on this last day of the year or on the first days in 2014! Just find that globe and it is yours!
I am wearing the hunt gift by #48 Eclectica with this dress, a great long necklace with a blue pendant!
The last one is to be found at #151 Living Imagination. It is a great set of leggings and an elegant top, and even the fun hat is included.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Two days left in 2013 and sooo much to blog...

Morning Readers!
Did you all see my new logo? Glimmie (Delarosa Glimmer) made it for me and I just love it. I hope a lot of Designers will put my logo in their stores :)
Anyway...I have a LOT to blog before the year ends, ranging from nails through hair and group gifts to lovely new skins...so here goes:
Let me start with the lovely nails Glimmie has as a group gift at her store [[A.R.C + F.N]]. Joining the group is free and the nails are awesome! There are cats on them and scratch marks...just too cute to wear!
You do need the SLINK nail enhancer, which is 150 L$ and which you can get at SLINK.
And Chichickie has a great new Subscribo gift. Great hair in mahogany called Luka. The hair band is colour change and texture change! And as always, Chichickies new releases are on sale for the next three  days for only 95L for a FATPACK! Grab one today! Sale ends 12/30/13, so HURRY!!
The 12 Days to Christmas gifts for group members and NON group members are still available at Chop Zuey. I have no idea for how long, so don't wait if you still want to pick up any of their GREAT jewellery! I am just sowing you the latest gifts, there are much more to get.
This set is for males, but it has a resizer and I adjusted it to my size. (NO group needed)
Same with this lovely necklace: it is for guys but you can resize it. There is a matching bracelet too. (NO group needed)
And this Wrap me up bracelet including a matching ring is for group members. Joining is 350 L$.
The next set is called Gloriana and you do not need a group to get it.
The next sets are for group members only. This first one is called Singing Hearts (purple)
And this one is called Grace.
Over to WoW skins. They have released the ethnic Maram skins and they are just to die for. I never saw such great ethnic skins! They come in 3 skin tones, pale, medium and dark and a shape and dark brown eyes are included! So are ALL appliers you might need, and I really mean ALL appliers!
They are not free, but they are just awesome! Let me show you the dark version with the natural make up. Besides the natural version you can also get 5 great make up version, which I am showing you too, on the dark version. The skins are NOT FREE!
Because I got a few questions about the hair: It is called Angie and it is by Emo-tions.
And here is the medium version, which is also available in 5 make up versions and a natural version.
And this is the pale version, which is also available in 5 make up versions and a natural version.
I am wearing the lovely new released EVA set by Lazuri with this awesome WoW skin. The Eva set is 949 L$ for the complete set, but you can also buy each item individually. The set is colour change by touch and I had so much fun playing around with it...so I am showing you several options! You can change the metal, centre gems, drop gems, actually you can change every part of this set!
And just because I could not get enough of this skin, I am wearing the Subscribo gift by Finesmith with this skin too.
Then I went to Virtual Impressions and put their newest group gift on (joining is free).
Another great new group gift is this awesome coat by Ashmoot. There is also a male group gift, a great red tee shirt. But the coat is just what you need on the cold winter days.
Last one is the newest group gift by Azul. A lovely gown in a beautiful teal colour!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

An almost red blog

Hi there Readers,
Today almost all items on my blog are red, or green. So it is a bit a Christmas left overs blog. But the gowns are still wearable even if it is not Christmas anymore.
This first lovely gown is a hunt gift in the Peace on Earth hunt. This hunt runs till December 31st so there is not much time left to go get the lovely gifts. You can find the HINT & LINK page here and you are looking for a globe with a white dove on it.
This beautiful gown is the hunt gift at #59 Innuendo and it has just a simple elegance which makes every woman look great! The choker is included.
And this sweet dress is also a gift in the POE hunt, and you can find it inside the hunt globe at #171 Egoisme. It reminds me of those peppermint sticks and that makes me smile!
The lovely jewellery is by Lazuri, it is their Celeste Heirloom set (NOT free).
Another participant in the POE hunt is #113 [[Masoom]]. If you can locate the hunt globe at their store this elegant green mesh dress is yours to wear!
The jewellery is again by Lazuri (NOT free). It is their Maysoon set.
And at #104 Corrupted Innocence you will get this great red and green dress as a hunt gift. That is of course if you can find the globe at their store!
Over to my left overs from Marketplace. I found quite a lot there and these gowns are called Lea gowns. They are by Unzip me and you get both, a red and a green one. Even a lovely white feather hat is included. This set is free.
The red pearls are also free. This great set of necklace and bracelets is a gift by RealEvil Industries.
And this lovely gown is also free and you can find it on Marketplace in the Grim Bros store. It is just an awesome gown that will draw a lot of attention when you are wearing it!
I also found a cute mini skirt on Marketplace and it is by Mesh Head. The skirt is free and it comes with a colour change hud so you can change it in several other colours. I am wearing a Sascha's Designs Milou top with this skirt (not free) and great hair by Mayden Couture. This hair comes in 4 hair tones and it is free on Marketplace.
Then I wanted to find some great shoes to wear with the red outfits. Well I found these cute booties by JetCity. They are called Strapped for Christmas and they are 1 L$.
Jetcity has also a pair of high boots on offer on Marketplace. They are called Xmas stars and they are 1 L$.
Last find are these elegant sandals by P10. They are totally free and they are really good quality!