Saturday, May 31, 2014

Last day of May

Morning Readers!
Today is the last day of May and that means that the Breakfast at Tiffany's hunt will be over today. I still have to show you some gifts you can find in this hunt, so keep reading!
And it is also the day on which the 60 L$ and the weekly half price gown offer by Sascha's Designs change, so I am going to start by showing you those first. This week you can get the lovely Angelheart cocktail dress in black for 60 L$ at Sascha's Designs, or the elegant Joan in pink, a great summer dress, or a beautiful gown in green called Lillie. Each just 60 L$.
The lovely jewellery I am wearing on my blog today is all by Lazuri. (not free)
The beautiful skin is called Nana dark tan tone and it is by WoW skins (not free)
The elegant hair is Zaida by Tameless hair, ruby colour and it is 249 L$ per fat pack of all natural colours.
The weekly half price gown is one of my favorites, the Trust Spring in a lovely shade of peach. This gown is a one shoulder gown in a beautiful satin texture with delicate pearl trimming. There are many skirt options amongst them is a split skirt too. And you get the lovely shawl and bolero too, for just 250 L$ this week only! You can find it at Sascha's Designs.
SLC has another great 60 L$ offer, a sexy body suit which comes in a lot of different colours (just showing you 3 options). Just for this weekend ladies, so go grab it before it is gone!
Over to the Breakfast at Tiffany's hunt. You are looking for a box with Audrey Hepburn on it in this hunt and TODAY is the last day of the hunt! You can find the HINT & LINK page here.
I landed at #42 Vips Creations. They have this very cute polka dotted dress as a hunt gift and I just love polka dots! The shoes and the jewellery are included! You just have to find that box ladies!
The cute hair is the hunt gift at #21 Alli & Ali hair. You get 2 different hair styles, and both come in 2 great hair tones, but only if you can locate the hunt box!
Then I went to #40 Laneys Boutique. They have a lovely summer dress hidden inside their hunt box and it is soo worth to go hunting for! Lovely retro style in a soft elegant colour.
I am wearing a lovely triple pearl necklace with this dress, which is the hunt gift at #38 Freya's Finest.
Another great dress is hidden inside the hunt box at #33 MouseRabbit. Can't help it ladies, I just love retro style and this Breakfast at Tiffany's hunt has only retro style gifts!
My next find was this beautiful gown which is the hunt gift at #37 Glam Dreams. It is a simple black gown, but it is just perfect to spice up with the lovely jewellery which you can find inside the hunt box at #22 Redrose jewellery. And the cute shoes #34 Lindy shoes is giving away in this hunt go great with the gown too!
My last find in this hunt is rather stunning. This gown / cocktail dress in black comes with the jewellery in a long and short version. And where can you find it? Inside the hunt box at Bitsy's Boutique! You just have to find that box, then it's yours and you will just look sooo glamorous! (earrings not included)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Almost weekend

Hi there Readers,
On this lovely Friday I found some goodies for you. Let me start with a long walk along the beach. And what am I wearing? A lovely gown by 22769, which you can find at The Boutique by The Liaison Collaborative. The gown comes in many colours (showing you just 2 options) and there are matching glasses and hats to buy too. NOT free.
The cute bag is by Magi Take and you can get them here for just 10 L$ per bag (several colours available).

Now if you are wondering where I got that lolvely circle necklace: that is by 22769 too! You can find it at L'accessories (NOT free) in several lovely colours and in gold or silver.
Over to something quite different. SLC has new 60 L$ offers and this time you will get a lovely set of jeans lingerie with a lace overlay. You can wear the lingerie of course also without the overlay! The set comes in several lovely colours. Just showing you 3.
The lovely jewellery is the All Glam Diamonds set by Lazuri (NOT free, but the set is colour change, you can change the metal, main gems and pendant to match your outfits).
Then I did some more hunting in the Breakfast at Tiffany's hunt ladies. This hunt runs till May 31st so you don't have much time left. The HINT & LINK page is very helpful. I went to #44 Shoenique, to find they have this lovely outfit inside their hunt box of this hunt. You are looking for a box with Audrey Hepburn on it. And the gift by Shoenique is just gorgeous. You get the dress, the hat, the earrings and the shoes.
Another participant in this hunt is #50 Harmony Design. They have this lovely cocktail dress as a hunt gift for you ladies, if you can locate the box at their store! The elegant shoes are the hunt gift at #34 Lindy shoes, and the elegant jewellery is also a hunt gift, which you can find inside the hunt box at #22 Redrose jewellery.
I am wearing the same shoes and jewellery with the hunt gift I found at #46 Euphoria. This lovely green gown is yours if you can locate the hunt box at their store! The lovely pearl necklace is the hunt gift by  #48 Ooo LaLa designs. Just go find it!
Then I went to #45 Bacadilucia. They have a special gift in this hunt too, a lovely pair of pants with an off shoulder cardigan in a very light blue.
My last find for today is the fun outfit you get if you can find the hunt box at #35 Nightmare Design. It is a cute skirt with a top, but special is what is on the top. Audrey Hepburn had a motto in her life and it was: “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!”

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ohhh so much to blog and so little time...

Still not feeling much better Readers, so today another simple blog with a last find at the Designer Circle (their current round runs till May 31st, so HURRY if you want this offer) and some more hunting to do.
So let me start with the Designer Circle. This great outfit is by Hollyhood and you can buy each item separately. There are 2 pairs of pants and 3 tank tops to chose from and each item is 99 L$. The cute shoes are by StormCrow design and they are called Fergie shoes (75 L$ and there are 2 colours to chose from). However you will need the SLINK hig feet to wear these shoes (675 L$).
Then I did some more hunting in the Breakfast at Tiffany's hunt. You have to look for a box with Audrey Hepburn on it in this hunt and you can find a HINT & LINK page here, which is very helpful. The hunt runs till May 31st so there is not much time left to go get those great gifts in this hunt.
But if you land at #21 Ali & Alli hair make sure to find that box because inside you will find 2 ladies hair do's and 2 guys hair do's and they are just too  good to miss! I am wearing this hair with the gift I found inside #23 KaraBaby. Which is a lovely Audrey Hepburn style gown! And the elegant jewellery by #22 Redrose Jewellery goes great with this elegant outfit!
The jewellery also goes great with a cute short dress, which is the hunt gift at #27 Karanees Clothing. I am wearing the lovely pearl necklace by #48 Ooo lala designs with this dress. You just have to find that box at their store to wear it too ladies!
And then I found that box at #13 Style & Beauty. Inside I found this awesome gown, wow....and for the guys they added the cute top hat which I am wearing....looks great I think :) The lovely Pearls are by #10 Eye Candy and they arer too hidden inside that hunt box. So what is keeping you here? Go hunting!!
The lovely hair is called Rita and it is a new release by Tameless Hair. 249 L$ for a fat pack of all natural colours.
The next dress is by  #30 Cog & Fleur Designs and you won't only get the dress but also the lovely jewellery if you can locate that hunt box at their store!
Now if you hop over to #34 Lindy shoes and you find their hunt box you will get an awesome pair of shoes that will go great with all the lovely gowns and dresses int his hunt!
Over to #29 Broken Glass. Wow..I was so surpised to find this great sequin dress inside their hunt box because there was a matching bag inside the box too! Just something Audrey would wear, matching shoes and hats and bags....

And my last find for today is another great gown. This lovely gown is the gift in this hunt by #32 Twinkle & Dazzle. This lovely teal gown is yours if you can locate the hunt box at the store ladies!!