Tuesday, April 22, 2014

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone

Hi there Readers,
Today will be my last blog for the next 3 weeks. I will be away for a while but I will be back somewhere around May 15th.
But before I go I want you to enjoy a fun song...You're gonna miss me when I'm gone....and my last blog for a while.
Today only finds from Marketplace.
Let me start with the very cute outfit I found on Marketplace which is by GN Fasion. This lovely outfit has African influences and you get the jeans, the lovely cardigan and a beanie, which I was wearing as a head band because I liked that better with my hair. Totally free.
The elegant feather earrings are by Euphoria, and they are free. And the cute chucks are by Asylum in Your Embassy and they are also free.
Then I got a pair of great free golden jeans. They are by XTRH and they are actually for guys, but they look great on me too I think! I am wearing the Euphoria earrings with this outfit (see above) and I am also wearing a halter top by Ikwe Boutique in eggshell with this outfit. The top is part of a cat suit and it is free.
I just liked the jeans so much that I looked for another shirt and accesoires to create a different look. This great long sleeved shirt is by DeP and it is yours for just 1 L$. the cute Rainbow pumps by LLD were free, but they are charging 50 L$ now for the shoes. If you do not want to pay that much, which I totally understand, find the beige pumps by Angel Alphaville, cause they are free and totally cute. The very fun bag is by FLG and it is free.
The next hot pants are by Frozen Nights and you get 2 versions of these pants for free on Marketplace. You get a shorter pair and a more bermuda pair. I styled the pants in 2 ways. The first top is by Candy Mesh and it is called Mesh top light. Just 1 L$ for this top ladies. The very elegant necklace is by Pepina Vella and you guessed it: it is free. The bangles are also free and they are by Padling Melody.
My second look with the hot pants: I am wearing the same bangles as I am wearing above, they are by Padling Melody. The fun pink earrings are by Taris Creations and they are Breast Cancer awereness earrings (free). The pink top is by T Junction and it is called Breast Cancer Awereness and again the top is free.
Now I am in a pink mood, so I am going to show you a way different side of me...my princess side. This lovely pink gown is by Earth & Sky and it is called Cinderella in pink...wow....where is my glass slipper??? And where is my Price Charming??? The gown is free by the way!
Over to a more sexy dress ladies. This cute mesh bodycon dress is by VIPS Creations and it is totally free. The lovely necklace is by Lazuri (Heart to Heart set) and it is NOT free.
My last find for today is a great sexy mesh dress by Womens Gear. It is called Belatutis dress and it is free. I got the BLACK version, but you can also get the BRONZE version for free. The great long necklace is by Milady and it is free too. The great bangles are by Cazimi and they are 1 L$.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The usual irregular mix ...

Can't help it readers, I found bits here and there and all over Second Life and Marketplace!
So it will be an irregular blog today with shoes, hats, bags, dresses, 60 L$ offers, dragon egg necklaces and shoulder dragons...
Got you curious now...? Well let me quickly start!
This lovely skirt is from the Lucky boards at Sheik bags ladies. It is just a lovely boho skirt and I styled it with a tee shirt by Jane (no longer available) and with jewellery by Lazuri (their Heart to Heart set).
Sheik bags also has a lovely free clutch to pick up ladies.
Sheik Bags is participating in the Sure your mom.. hunt. You are looking for a red demon ball....and buy it for 1 L$. Inside you will find this lovely set mof shoes, necklace and a clutch. You can find all info about this hunt HERE.
Don't forget to click the Midnight Mania board at Sheik Bags ladies, inside you will find  a pair of their lovely pumps! And if you want to buy them in other colours: they are just 50 L$ per pair.
And these great sun hats are just 25 L$ per hat at Sheik bags!! Take a look around before you leave the store, there is a wall with free and 1 L$ bags ladies!!
Over to the lovely 60 L$ offers SLC has this week. These dresses are called Airy Summer Tunics and they come in many great colours. Just 60 L$ per colour this week only ladies!!
Then  22769 is taking part in Game of Thrones Gatcha at The Secret Affair. It takes part from April 6th till April 30th and you can find a Gatcha with fun shoulder dragons there, or you can give it a try to win one of the lovely Dragon Egg Necklaces!
22769 is also participating in l'Accesoiries. They have this beautiful butterfly mask there in 6 great colours! (NOT free). You can find those lovely masks there till May 15th. The mask also come with a hand held attachement.
Over to Marketplace. This lovely sweet blue dress is by Earth & Sky and it is called Jasmin in Ice blue. The dress is amazing and totally free. The bangles and earrings are included.
Then I got this lovely golden dress by Dafnis and it is 1 L$ on Marketplace. The cute black booties and the necklace are included.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter eggs, skins, nails and hair, what more do we need?

Morning Readers! Happy Easter!
Today on my blog you will see the lovely Leilani skin in 4 skin tones, which WoW skins has on the Spring Break Fair. It is an exclusive, so NOT free, but what a beauty it is. I was stunned, this skin is just perfect! Leilani comes in 5 elegant make ups or you can go for the natural version, which is perfect to add make up of your own.
Don't forget to pick up the 1 L$ Aurora skin which WoW skins has at the fair!
 I was trying out the newest releases by Tameless hair while wearing this lovely Leilani skin in Darktan with cleavage option, make up #5. That is my favorite, but allother make ups are perfect too as you can see above. All new releases by Tameless come in 3 versions: naturals, fantasy and fades. And each version comes in a fat pack of colours with a hud for just 249 L$ per pack! I am showing you a few options below.
This hair is called Mercedes (fantasy pack).
And this hair is called Petunia (naturals pack). The bow is colour change.
This hair is Leeyah (fades pack)
And this hair is called Kaylana (naturals pack)
Then I got some very cute nails by A.S.S. They have a natural pack at their store for free. You get a darker and a lighter version and each version comes in matte or shiny. In total 16 different nails but you do need the SLINK nail enhancer (150 L$0 or the SLINK hands (2290 L$ for a fat pack) to use these nails. The hud for feet is also included (the feet are 675 L$ per set - flat - medium or tippy toe).
A.S.S. also has a great set of nails on Marketplace. This set has 8 lovely colours with flowers on the nails and a HUD for SLINK feet is also included. Again: you have to have SLINK hands , nail enhancer or feet.
The next set of nails is also for SLINK hands & feet or for their nail enhancer. The set is by DMZ and it is called Spring colours. You get 10 great colours and the whole set is 98 L$.
Then I went back to Marketplace to find some more free nails. I found quite a few...so it is worth to get that nail enhancer for just 150 L$ cause the nails will work with your regular SL hands with this enhancer!
Let me show you the nails by Ellette. They are 1 L$ and they are called Zebra Colours. You get 10 different colours!
And these nails are by Nail me. They are called Aloha girl and you get 8 great funky colours to wear for 1 L$.
To my surprise I got a set of THANK YOU nails by Nail me as a gift for buying their nails on Marketplace. I don't know if everyone gets them...but they are just cute and it was a very nice suprise! Thank you! You can find really cute nails for a low price at their store (ranging from 1 L$ to 49 L$) and they have great group gifts too (free to join).
My last find are nails by Peachy. The set is for SLINK hands & feet, and you get 6 lovely colours for free!