Thursday, April 21, 2011


Today I have been experimenting with a new skin, hair and poses. No clue if you like it...let me know?
The skin I am wearing is a new release by JeSyLiLo (not free) and it comes with several face tattoos (lipstick and eye shadow and flowers).
The hair I am wearing is by A&A, mainly from their MM boards and from their 1 L $ offers at Marketplace.

This lovely gown is a gift by Saschas design IF you find 5 easter bunnies that are hidden in the shop. The support members can give you a hint if you are stuck. Thanks Sascha, lovely gown ! The hair is Carlotta by A&A.

The red jewelry I am wearing with the gown is by Dryad. I got it from their MM board. WOW it is amazing, thanks Tiger for letting me know :)

The necklace and bear I am wearing in the pic above are from the Easter Egg hunt at Whtittentons. This is the gift inside egg #5.

If you find egg #3 you get this easter necklace in gold.
 And if you find egg #1 you get these great spring shoes :)

Whittingtons is also participating in the WTPAY hunt and if you find the easterbunny in pink you get this lovely bracelet.

The M&M (Mix and match) hunt is almost over so you only have 3 days left to get the items from that hunt. I have blogged a few before but I found some more. Let me show you.
This lovely dress is from the M&M hunt (find the pink flower) at JoJo's.
Shoes are a new release at BabyMonkey (you can chose with or without socks)
Hair Carlotta by A&A.

JoJo's has also a freebie at their store. Great pants and top and the flats come with the outfit !

The flower at Gothica has these great tops inside as a gift. The hair is by A&A.

Fierce design has this sexy short dress hidden in the pink M&M flower, it comes with an easter basket and a cute bunny to hug.

The hair is a gift from Heart Softens because their group has reached the 6000 members mark. It is a group gift at their store. (joining is free)

MUN SPAN on the other hand had skins in their M&M flower, but also this pants set with 4 tops !

I got another skin in the M&M hunt, this time at Sweet Bites !

A*meth also has a pink flower at their store and you get GREAT eyelashes if you find it !

I have been looking for colored hair bases in red for ages. Ofcourse I wanted to get them for free ! And YES with the help of Blondie I found some IN ALL COLORS at Catwa. Go to the hair section, next to the group joiner you will find the free fatpack. (earrings by Ganked, not free)

I also found some (again with the help of Blondie) at Exile, also in ALL COLORS !
The next hair is 1 L$ each and I got it at W&Y. I love the hair, goes great with long elegant gowns, but also with jeans and boots :)
Love the dimples in the JeSyLiLo skin :)

These cute and funny bunny ears are a gift at Philo ! Thank you so much Ashlynn !
Sacred Roses has a new release: sexy lingerie. The yellow set is free, the rest is on special offer at their store. (showing the yellow one). The hair is by A&A, called Mohawk and it is 1 L$ at Marketplace.

Chic couture has a MM board with a 500 L$ gift card. It didn't close when I clicked it...but maybe you are lucky? Or just get all your friend in to click it? What I got at Chic Couture is this lovely black and white gown, which is not bad either and free.

Happy shopping ladies !!!

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