Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I love to be on tops :)

And boy did I find a lot of tops today :)
First I found this set of 14 tops on Marketplace and it is free by Lutricias Luxuries. The chino pants are an older freebie but I am sure you have jeans or pants or skirst that go with the tops. The flats are by Babymonkey (not free but affordable).

The next tops are also from Marketplace. They are by Authority and I found the green one HERE and the white one HERE.

These lovely tops on the right have a cute bear on oen and a Barbie line on the other. Made me giggle actually.

The black cherry top below was found HERE.
The tan sweater like top HERE.
The cute top by BD with the strawberries was found HERE.
And the russian shirt by Urban Warehouse was found HERE.

The next top I found is at the M&M hunt. The first one is by Just me. They also have a few very nice freebies in their store.

The next tops are by YESSS and they are ever so cute. I also got a gift from their Madness board and YAY you get PANTS with that one :)

Then I went over to Poised and got this cute outfit from the M&M hunt. Also with pants, so you can wear the tops with those :)

Now E! (Eclectic) has a pack with tops and shorts and skirts and a dress in their store and you can see them below.

OK I know you need shoes to wear with the pants and tops and I got these sexy boots from the Mini Mania boards at Grumble. You have to click the boards and only ONE of the clickers will get the item but if you are lucky like me you will get these great booties. Don't forget to click the MM boards on the ground floor.

This last outfit is by G&N and it is free. Comes with the shoes.

Happy shopping ladies :)

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