Monday, April 25, 2011

Find the bunnies or the eggs

Today I am just going to show you a few not much shopping to do you think??? WRONG!!! Lots of hunting to do....

Ruxy's design has 2 red easter eggs hidden at their shop and you get both dresses, black and gold, if you can find both eggs.
They also have a gift in the M&M Hunt (find the pink flower)
The Necklace is from the Lucky board at Mezzo.

And LaVie has this lovely skin for their group members at the store ! (hughe lag)

This lovely yellow spring dress is a gift by Paris Metro. They have opened a new store and when you click the box you get the LM to the new store but also this GREAT dress. Thank you so much RFB :) (I was so stupid to click decline...RFB gave me the dress anyway).

I found another hunt gift at HerBerry from the Best friend hunt. (find 2 bears hugging)

[NN] has a HUGHE hunt at their store. You have to find easter bunnies either in white or pink. There are 60 (yes you read that right SIXTY) hidden all over the sim. I didn't find even half of them and got so many nice things...
The bunies are very easy to spot, the sim is rather hughe though.
The boots are a gift too in the hunt. To complete some outfits you have to find 2-3-4 take a good look at what the bunny gives you.

The leggings shown on one of the last pics are by Zibska and they are a free gift at their store.
Somehow I feel like a Mistress in this :)

That was it for today.
Happy shopping ladies !!

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