Sunday, April 17, 2011

Having the flu...

I was ill last week but because I had a lot still to blog it wasn't a hughe problem...untill today. Nothing more to blog and me still being ill...
So this will be a short blog girls, when I am feeling better there will be more :)

I got this lovely dress from Glow. It is their present in the Seasons hunt (find a cute bee, and the hint for this store: LOOK UP ! Bees fly)

I stumbled across some more items from the Seasons hunt (look for a bee) and this one is by Tiny bird. You get this great nest with eggs and inside it is the lovely hair :) in several colors. The flowers are colorchange.

I got some more hair in the Season hunt by Clawtooth. Find the bee :)

Also participating in the Seasons Hunt is BRB. They have this very nice top and pants set as a gift. I am wearing the wooden jewelry by Grumble (from their MM boards) with this outfit and the shoes are by Un jour, also a gift in the Season hunt (find the bee).

There are quite a few shops participating in this hunt and the next gift I found was at DUH, lovely blue and white striped shoes (find the bee).

I got some tops too. The first one is by TB and the second one is by VIVE(both gifts in the Season hunt, find the bee).

Last one I found in this hunt was by Deco. 2 great hats and glasses. The top I am wearing is by RZsun and it is a freebie in their store.

This lovely dress is a dollarbie at My Precious.

And this one is a group gift by Latte and it is called Dark Chocolate.

The next dress is a new group gift by Hudsons. A lovely skirt with a top.

And these tops are a gift from Razorblade in the DSM hunt. Find the pink flower.

Acide is also participating in the DSM hunt (find the pink flower) and you get these bees on your tongue.

These flats are a gift from the MM boards at Grumble.

And this skin is a group gift by Mamboo chick. Joining the group is free, check notices.

And the last one for today is this lovely hair by A&A from their MM board in the main store.

Happy shopping ladies :)

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