Tuesday, August 31, 2010

31-08-2010 Clothes, shoes, CRAZY shoes, hair and Jewelry


Today I just went to FabFree and got a wonderfull gown by Wolfmoon...Just take a look, I know you want it as much as I did (it was on the FabFree blog, thank you René)

It is blue and gold and AMAZING. It has a short skirt option, normal, cocktail, long and extra long and the detailing is fabulous. The bracelet is also a freebie from FabFree and will be shown below.
The shoes are by BabyMonkey, one of my fav shoe shops and I found them at FabFree too.

These shoes are at FabFree  and they are from BabyMonkey. They have the most lovely shoes, fatpacks in a lot of colors for 140 L$, but this pair is free at FabFree. The skin, toe nails and nails can be changed by clicking on the shoes.
Then I got some free hair at Fabfree by Exile (the one below, with and without cap)
The bracelets come with a ring too and they are so elegant. Also at Fabfree (yes yes I got a LOT there). They are made by U&R Dogs.

I also found a lovely dress by Bliss at FabFree...so colorful I LOVE it. Bliss has lovely gifts for group members so visit her shop too! (the hair and shoes are gifts from the Think Pink hunt, shoes also bt Babymonkey)

Talking about shoes: I love CRAZY shoes and they don't come much crazier than these ones with HAMSTERS. A dollarbie at Pixelpaws (in a box on the top floor).

Then I went to CrackBerry and they have a new concept: Pay as you like. You can decide what you want to pay for their clothes. I got a few examples here....(and I paid for them).

They are sooo CUTE ! And when you get them...think about the work the designer put into them...then think about what you want to pay...

Last but not least I got a notecard from Jesse Keyes and his shop. Jewelry again ladies...why not take a look at his freebies? I really like them :) And the other jewelry is up from 10 L$, so not expensive at all. (freebies shown in the picture)

Monday, August 30, 2010

30-8-2010 More bits and pieces...


My inventory seems to fill up with bits and pieces from all over SL and they are all so cute I can't resist to share them with all girls in SL.

So again from different shops some nice gifts :)

I was at VelvetRythms and they have plenty MM boards and lucky chairs too. I wasn't very lucky (no R showed up) but I got a few very nice presents from their MM board. Also I joined the group and got a nice group gift :)

This dress was a group gift, and the 2 necklaces were freebies.

<- And this was for the guys, but I couldn;t resist to try it on :)
This was a MM gift.

<-- This was a MM gift too

And last but not at all least I got this lovely green gown from the MM board...WOW it has so many options, I am showing just a few...

I also went to Hudsons, and got a SUPER gold and white dress including the matching shoes as a group gift. WOW it is so elegant ! The hair I am wearing is a freebie by Analog Dog (freeball at the beach)

<- The HUDSON dress

At Fabfree I picked up a LOVELY gown from Adam & Eve...it is actually called Xmas gift, but who cares? It simply is lovely. At the Fabfree store I found a gift by Ganked, one of my fav jewel stores. So I got that too. And the skirt on the pic is a group gift by Dama. The pink top is not free and from Saschas Designs. The last pic shows a group gift by Temptation...sooo sexy :)

The Adam & Eve gown and the Ganked jewels at Fabfree.

Skirt by Dama and top by Saschas Design

Temptation group gift.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

29-08-2010 All kinds of stuff


I was sorting out my inventory and came across a lot of things I wanted to share...so here goes.

First of all I got a lovely necklace from Mylady. It is elegant and sexy and I love it. Group gift, so join and get it.

Then I remembered that I went to Ganked and WOW I love their jewelry ! It is not the usual style, it's extravagant and sexy and I want to have all, but I had to settle for the group gifts and could buy just one ...You get a lovely top hat as a group gift, a sweet gown, but also TWO All that Jazz necklaces.

The dress comes in 2 colors, one in the shop and one in the group messages

And the All that Jazz comes in ruby and white

The lovely HAIR is a group gift by Diva

To get an idea of the jewelry from Ganked I will insert a pic of the wall there. The jewelry is sold from 50 L up.

Then I quickly went to Mariposa...WOW a lovely set on their MM Board. Just get over there and have a look, also a lucky chair in the shop !
The set shown on the picture is from the LUCKY CHAIR.

And finally a great shop called Seldom Blue. They have 3 lucky chairs with some really good stuff and a few freebies and dollarbies. The chairs change fast so you do not have to wait long ;)

The gifts that are in the Lucky Chairs are all on the board above the 3 chairs.

These are 2 dresses from the LC

This lovely gown can be found at FabFree headquaters. The jewelry is also a gift at the FabFree store.
And last but not least: the lovely purple dress is a dollarbie at Seldom Blue.

Friday, August 27, 2010

27-8-2010 Imani 5 L clothes and Ribbon Lucky Boards


I have been standing at the Lucky boards at Ribbon for ages and finally R came up and I got the cute flipflops with legwarmer AND the Ribbon doll pink dress too. (it is also available in white on the lucky board but I wasn't THAT lucky).

The flipflops come with cute legwarmers in lace.

Then I went to Imani. All clothes there are 5L and you have a wide choice. I bought just a few....don't have that much to spend in SL :)

When you get this dress you get it in plain and in 2 colors in one folder. Not too bad, 2 dresses for 5 L$.

I simply LOVE this one!

This green one is SKIRT only. The top is by Mischief (older one)

The HAIR is by Lollipopz (MM board for group members)
and the skin is by LAQ (Blondie, not free)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

26-8-2010 MPD: Multiple Personality Design


MPD is one of my favorite stores ladies. The shop owner, JennEm, makes lovely fun dresses, pants sets, skirts, sweaters and shoes. And dress up stuff too.
She has a pile of 70 different colors shoes in her store, elegant pumps, so you can find shoes matching all your dresses or gowns.

The most amazing thing is that ALL her dresses or gowns or shoes are just 1 or 2 L$, yes you read it right ONE or TWO Linden Dollar!
The fatpacks are between 3 L$ to 6 L$, so you can get all colors of the dress you like without going bankrupt.

In her store are also 2 lucky boards and a monthly Calender. On this calender are the new releases and the day of their release you get one for free !! So it is worth it to look into the store every once in a while.

If you have those cute sweater dresses who are really short, JennEm made on special request leggings in underpants layer so you can wear them with all your short dresses! They are on the front counter, fatpack 3 L$.

This is the Calender for July and August:

These are some of the dress up clothes:

And these are some of the fatpacks, pants, dresses, gowns, winter stuff:

Most of the dresses come WITH shoes, it is always mentioned on the board itself. So look closely !

And these are 3 freebie bags on the front counter.

Don't you simply LOVE these clothes???