Saturday, March 19, 2011

Think PINK !

Today I am in a PINK mood and I wanted my blog to be PINK if you do not like pink no need to read on *giggles*. But for those who do like pink...boy did I find a LOT of pink items.

Frist one is ofcourse know me, hair and shoes are my weakness (and skins too). OK and clothes too. I have a lot of weaknesses.
This hair is by FEBE and I found it HERE.

I am wearing this hair with a necklace and earrings by Petit Flowers.
And the other hiar (on the right) is by BattleAngel and is called Kimberly.

ChiChi has this cute bag. It is actually a Valentine Bag but it is PINK after all...

And I am wearing this bag with the outfit by Anakin Sahara, which is actually NOT pink at all, but with the hair and the bag I hope to fool you all :)
Comes with the tattoo.

The next pink dress is by Ali Couture and it is from the DIM hunt. You are looking for a diamond and when you find it you get this !

And another pinky is also from the DIM hunt but this one you can find at BE (Butterfly Effect) Monaco. Find the diamond girls, and whoever said Diamonds are a girls best friend was SOOOO right!

KKBB has pink pants for 1 L$ YAY and I got this pretty hoodie with pink cupcakes on it HERE.
The sneakers are by Sparrowcat and will set you back 1 L$.

The KKBB pants go very well with the lovely pink blouse I got from MBHoney.
And the necklace looks GREAT with the blouse too. It is by Alure.

Kakia has some great outfits in their store on Marketstreet. The pants, skirt and top are called Red dot. The cute boots are by Babymonkey.
And this cute dress is by FooFoo and it is called Claire. Comes with the shoes and hair bow.

The Sara outfit was found HERE (you have to pay 1 L$ for it) and the great boots are by Thalia and will cost you 1 L$.

The next dress is called Sweet strawberry and it not quite pink...but it is a very cute dress don't you think?
Last one is calles PRETTY IN PINK, and be honest...don't we all look pretty in pink? It is made by Yesss and I love their designs. With the Pretty in pink outfit I am wearing a bag by Honey Kitty. It is free too (blogged before).
The set cotains the jeans and 5 different tops.

That was it ladies, I hope you are seeing pink now and you will enjoy your shopping spree !

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